Sneaky Spy in Anthropologie

So! I was in playing happy tourist in Los Angeles recently and realized that I should snap some photos of some of the rad displays. Like a good little girl, I asked the lady who stands guard next to the front door with her Madonna mic on her head. She gave me the go ahead with a very military-like nod and I went around the store snap, snap, snappin' as much as I could while dodging evil stares from the sales crew, who may not known that I had asked permission first. And so, these are my sneaky spy action snaps blurry and not at all pro-level but hey, it is what it is.  So many good ideas in these photos, I had to capture the awesomeness that is Anthropologie. Their visual teams blow my mind.

I loved this installation with all of the books on the wall. It was such a grand entrance to the store!

This installation was also fantastic, thousands of what appeared to be papers on string cascading from a beam on the ceiling.

This was a surreal moment, seeing Flea Market Style by Emily Chalmers on the shelf, which was photographed by Debi Treloar whom I was there in L.A. with since she is shooting the book that I'm working on. It was just a moment for me, I guess. I felt really proud of myself and sometimes we need time out to feel good about ourselves and to reflect on our joys, don't we? I also took this photo because I love the reimagined paintings of and was so excited to see a few, for the first time, in the flesh.

I could have taken home this entire shelf. Swoon!

Love all of the salvaged wood we're seeing on walls, furniture, kitchen cabinets, even on bathtubs lately! It's so inspiring and I also adore seeing it as living wallpaper like this in Anthropologie.

Enjoying this woodsy theme...

I wanted to buy these organically-shaped porcelain vessels shown on the top shelf. I flipped them over to see who made them but I've forgotten so if you know, do tell. I couldn't fit them in my luggage and was scared to spend so much money only to have them fall to bits in my suitcase, so I passed... but it was really hard to walk away.

Smart idea to organize a bookcase with drawers! Also like the simple, framed butterfly as art.

Isn't Anthropologie an inspiring place?

(images: holly becker for cattledogs)