Sandberg Raphael Wallpaper + Hehlen Castle

On Valentine's Day we went with our little son to (Hehlen Castle), a very sweet castle built in the 1500's located about an hour away and enjoyed the most beautiful cakes in their cafe, , on the castle grounds. Aidan enjoyed his so much and when I took his little hand and walked him around the cafe, he was thrilled. I was too and I particularly loved the wallpaper near the fireplace, so I snapped it and posted on . Within seconds, the wallpaper manufacturer identified it as the Raphael in Green by . I didn't even tag it! That's the beauty of - you can post nearly anything and someone will identify the place, the product, even the person within mere minutes.

(my iphone photo above)

After visiting the Sandberg website I also found it in a few other colorways but the instantly resonated with me as the room it's shown in looks exactly like my living room - the large window to the right, the linen sheer curtains, even a similar pendant light! You can imagine how this reawakened my need to wallpaper a feature wall in living room! Now I'm trying to decide - will it be a Sandberg, Designers Guild or Farrow & Ball wallpaper? Hmmm.

Isn't the lovely? I particularly love it with the marble table and the pretty plants and wooden seating. Fresh and simple with a touch of rustic romance.

(images: sandberg //the snap of me and my little one by )


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