Garnet Hill

The Spring catalog just arrived and I found some fresh finds to share with you. See what you think of my top 10 picks for Spring from Garnet Hill.

1) in blue, tangerine, pomegranate or avocado. $148-228
2) 310 thread count sateen bedding + comforter cover. $28-125
3) $45
4) percale sheets + comforter cover $25-95 (very cute for kids or guest bedroom.)
5) in pink or green $125
6) percale sheets + comforter cover $28-124
7) $24 (very cute for catching keys, rings, earrings, even a business card holder.)
8) $28
9) reversible belt $98 (I know, I'm always trying to sneak in something wearable into my design blog....)
10) Yo Yo $48 + Yo Yo $32

(Photos: TOP: Button Bowl. BOTTOM: Zinnia shower curtain, Hadley Pollet belt, Pillow Bench. All photos from Garnet Hill.)