Liora Manne

La Perla hugs your curves perfectly, but where do you go when you want lacy lingerie for your shapeless floor? Dress it up with a Kuba rug!

Nestled in trendy SoHo at 91 Grand between Mercer and Green in NYC, store is a must-see if you're in the city. I love her collection, funky bold , , and because they remind me of patterns and styles used in Germany. From her rug collection, my favorite rug is , a crisp green, laser cut rug that looks like a giant doily - it really pops! The lacy design is lingerie for your floor, oh-la-la!

To learn more about the production process for Liora Manne's patented medium for creating rugs + pillows, click . With a detailed explanation and lots of photos, it's quite impressive, Most items can be ordered on her website, however to order a rug or lighting, please Ms. Manne directly .

kuba green , a lot larger than shown. :)
fiesta bubbles , $20
petite swirl aqua montique , $32

south beach mosaic, small resin rectangular , $60

(photos: top: liora manne lighting. all photos from liora mann.)