Chiasso (key Ah so). Italian. "To cause an uproar or sensation".

These fresh finds from , known for offering "inspired design for the home" for 20+ years, will certainly create a stir when your guests spot your new digs. Obsessed with inovation and interesting new design, you can always count on Chiasso to bring you the very best in simple, clean and functional mid-century design. the chiasso catalog, or visit them to shop on.

Here are some fresh finds that I hope you'll like! Also, don't miss thier , the , , concentrics in , , , and absolutely rock!

(photos: top: , black or white, $498. below: all photos from chiasso.)

, $148 - when seeing spots is a good thing.
, german design by Koziol, $28
great way to separate space while letting in the light!
, fun dangling earrings for your ceiling! $98 per strand
, $38
now you'll really have time hanging over your head
, $118
if it's color you're craving...
, $38 (set of 2)
you can roll a rolo to your pal
(except not these, they aren't chocolate + look a little heavy)
, $98
now you CAN find nemo
marked down to $8 from $18.
that makes for an ador-a-bird sale!