For once, I am speechless. [long pause]

Okay, I'm over it.

I spotted Amsterdam based at in Boston and had to touch and hold everything on display. (sorry, Lekker!!!) Designed by award winning British contemporary textile designer Kirsty Anne Powell, Oromono offers 3D beauty with pillows, bags, slippers, baby slippers (sooo cute), throws, scarfs, and fabric corsages. View Oromono's entire collection on their , or purchase them at Lekker.

Oromono - design that really stands out!

(photo: top: kirsty anne powell with the cover of met home where her pillow appears. below: photos from lekker home)

, 100% english wool, 20x20 $150

loops, $225

, bows, $150
available in black, cream, chocolate brown and red.
available in charcoal, black, cream, chocolate brown and red. 20x20
, 100% english wool, 20x20, $150