Pop ink dinnerware. Silkscreened linen pillows. Artist-made panels. They're all crafted by independant artists and sold at . I love seeing all these talented people gain exposure (and business!) through websites like Elsewares. Take a glance on some favorites of mine. Maybe they'll soon be favorites of yours!

12" by three sheets, $45 available in several modern color choices.
, $25. set of 4
the alcohol won't be the only thing causing you to see stars.
, set of 2, $40. chocolate plate shown, other plate is in pear
cocoa meets coco chanel
, $40. blue shown, other plate is red
cupid rocks this design
, $48
see the forest through the little tree
by night
or by day...

(photos: top photo from three sheets, $65. all photos from elsewares)