Dollar Store Decor

You may recall a cry for help for dollar store decorating queens to west coast cattledogs contributor, . At the time, she was busily taking notes for an article she was pulling together for the San Francisco Chronicle. Interested in seeing the fruits of her labor?

By the way, Leigh Batnick () is quoted in the article, check this out:

Leigh Batnick's home in Brooklyn, N.Y., is a testament to how dollar-store purchases can look deceptively rich. "I've decorated my teeny-tiny Brooklyn bathroom with gold baroque frames and a black-and-white toile shower curtain -- all dollar-store finds," she says via e-mail. The frames are filled with an assortment of cards from her stationery company, Jezebel.

Go, Leigh (so cool)! .

Congrats Anh-Minh, nice job!

(image from Showing On, a grad student, in her kitchen)