DWR Studio Event: BOSTON Meet Vessel August 24

Located in Boston's trendy South End at 519 Tremont Street, not only features droolworthy furnishings for the home, but they host some pretty cool (free) events, too. I'm constantly watching their site for updates, and just last night I spotted something that I deem cool enough to share with the local (and tourist) peeps.

I've written about Vessel several times on cattledogs (), so I was excited to read that the Vessel guys will be at DWR on Thursday, August 24, 7?9pm to discuss business and design. Here's a blurb about the event below:

Join us at DWR Boston for a lively discussion of Business and Philosophy as we welcome Stephane Barbeau and Duane Smith, founders of , a cutting-edge product design studio based in Boston. Smith and Barbeau will speak to ?making it? as a creative person in the business world and how they incorporate elements of design development into their overall business practices. Additionally, Barbeau and Smith developed Release 1, Vessel?s conceptual arm that explores and pushes the boundaries of design philosophy. Refreshments will be served. RSVP to [email protected] by August 24th.

If something like this interests you, try your best to get this on your calendar and swing by. If anything, you'll walk away with a fresh perspective and it's a nice chance to mingle with the locals.

By the way, don't you love their for $110, available in avocado, black, or tobacco? Swanky!

(images from dwr)