MyMimi Baby

Mimi Cha at creates some seriously cute handmade h baby toys, very unique and colorful. In fact, if I were a baby, I'm willing to bet I'd be kicking my legs and drooling in delight over these things. I'm sure lots of modern moms out there are looking for new and interesting baby toys. Since I'm not a kinder blogster (I'll leave that up to the tot trend spotters over on the ), I don't write much about baby finds, but when cattledogs contributor shared MyMimi with me, I had to share it since they have major cuteness going on.

By the way, if you've been wondering where Miss Christine is, she's busily preparing her thesis and wrapping up studies at MIT, but she'll be blogging again on cattledogs with fresh finds towards the end of August!

Thanks Christine for the tip!

(images from mymimi)