Creative Inspiration, Anyone?

Looking for a little creative inspiration today? I'm a huge fan of home peeping, in fact, when I take night walks and and I spot open curtains, I feel no shame in casually glancing in. No, I don't press my face to the glass, but I am a guilty peeping passerby. Same goes on the web. When I find images of work areas, homes, store tours, well... I get a little nuts. I know it explains why I'm hooked on , those "real people" home tours get me every single time.

Since I can't suggest stalking your neighbors, I do suggest taking some online mini tours of spaces that I found to be quite swoonworthy. Let me know what you think, and by all means (please!) comment below if I've missed anything. I'm far too snoopy to want to miss out. :)

Lisa Congdon -

, via my pal Michelle at Creative Swoon

, who is moving to , and posts from vintage magazines

Tour a fun workspace with (via )

The lovely Miss Pompon always has delightful interiors to browse, she collects for inspiration. She also manages a fun group, , on flickr.

Canadian flickr bug, Lori, is an interior designer/photographer with an . In fact, if you have time to burn, flip through all her photo sets for instant design gratification.

I heart and her on flickr.

David's (via Apartment Therapy LA)

Peek in on Joy's adorable in Philly

Visit a from wisecraft.

Gregory Han's (aka Typefiend) (via Apartment Therapy)

Artdsgnr takes you on a tour of his as well as his slight .

Peep in on organized work areas for ideas and inspiration with flickr group, .

And finally, in Boston, which happens to be in the same building as my clients, a couple I worked with last year on their amazing loft space. Joey's loft will hit the market soon, if you're interested....

If you missed the recent cattledogs reader spaces, visit in The Netherlands, in India, , and in California (more of his apartment photos ).

Oh, and a bit nonrelated (but who cares because you'll like it), remember the Adler mobile I posted about yesterday? cattledogs reader Gennine of her DIY mobile, I think you will all really love it... See it on her blog, .

If you have a home, work space, store, or room that you'd like to show off, just pop me an email. Hope these little mini tours help re-energize you, sprinkling you with lots of creative fairy dust for for the week. Have fun!

(images top: from little birds and bottom: from lisa congdon)