Third Drawer Down

Fancy a spot of tea? This isn't your grandmother's tea party. Visit for limited edition domestic artworks in the form of tea towels, artkerchiefs and artprons. It's all about bringing a little more artistic flair into the mundane things of life, right?

[Posts are a bit short and sweet today, as I'm rushing around since we'll be taking off with friends for the next few days after 3pm today). Make sure you check out the blog of the week, , and our book of the week, . Don't worry, it's not how it sounds, the book surprised me with some clever projects and such. If I'm not back today, I'll be back on Sunday with an interview and some more fresh finds. Oh, and if you're in Boston this weekend, please do not miss the , lots of fun! Enjoy!]

(images from third drawer down)

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