Annie Wilkinson

cattledogs reader Raissa sent in a tip about an artist she loves, she thinks you'll enjoy knowing about her as well. The artist is Canadian . To directly quote from Annie's bio, "Annie Wilkinson is the youngest of 8 children, the mother of two, up too many times in the middle of the night, in a couple of bands, an illustrator and designer, and like every good Canadian girl, loves to play ice hockey." Sounds like the ultimate modern mom!

At first glance, I must say I agree with Raissa, Annie is quite a talent. Her work is magical, the colors are captivating, some of the head shapes and neck lengths are quirky but interesting, and I enjoy her range of characters and love the clothes you "dresses" them in (the blue haired girl almost seems to be wearing a dress). You can purchase some of her art over at her , in case you'd like to get your hands on it for your own home. I know I do! psst: Annie's got a , too. Check it out!

Thanks for the tip, Raissa!

(images from annie wilkinson)