La Marelle en Papier

I'm sure you know about 19-year old Coxi, the blogger and fashion design student behind based in Portugal (check out his new blog design and his many new writers - he is amazing, especially for such a young man!). His mother, , an interior designer and artist, who seems to know a lot about who's who in Europe when it comes to illustrators and mixed media collage artists.
One illustrator I found out about via Gra?a is Bobi + Bobi (shown above). From there, I also came across - limited edition cards, illustrative art, and notes. If you'd like to view Bobi + Bobi's work, check out their and . Their work is very youthful and free, using techniques that are often mixed - drawing, painting, and scraping.

Another illustrator whom I love on La Marelle en Papier is of course, , who has her lovely cards listed there. , , , , , , and are all amongst my other favorites. Dreamy!

Chiaki Miyamo - Ah!

Delphine - Such soft hues!Olivier Philpponneau - Would make for great wallpaper, am I right?

Peggy Nille - Lots of vibrant hues and loaded with details.

Princesse Camcam

Sophie Adde - Collage art with an Asian theme.

Sophie Leblanc

I'm heading out to dinner with a couple of friends, but I'll be back a little later to post some more. Thanks to everyone for your emails concerning my brother-in-law, your support means so much to me. Thank you!

(images from la marelle en papier)