Marlies Pekarek + Tropfnass Collection (Switzerland)

I recently came across the work of artist and object designer Marlies Pekarek of Switzerland. If you have a moment, view her and , her collection of unusual everyday objects. I found her to be most interesting, transforming something so mundane into an art form. I like how they look on a plexiglass shelf, don't you? Her , sheer and ethereal in appearance, are equally intriguing. Some of her art, especially her series of , could be a form of art therapy, much like what became known for in her early years. Take a look at it and let me know what you think... Marlies' has some captivating in muted pastels that have a restful quality about them, reflecting a poetic imagination. At least in my opinion.

"Marlies Pekarek turns the mundane of the everyday object into pieces of sensitive art which put the mechanisms of valuation into question, behind uniformity lies individuality. The polarity of value and trash, art and mass production, meet and cross over."

Your thoughts on this work?

(images from marlies pekarek)