"Top Design" Reality TV Update!

A big thanks to cattledogs reader Lise for keeping us in-the-know when it comes to reality design television. Being in Germany for the past 4 weeks, I'm a bit out of it when it comes to what's happening back in the states. I barely have time to blog (though I'm doing my best), nevermind read American news and tabloids.

If you promise not to throw fruit at me, I'll disclose something else... I have no clue what is going on with Project Runway. I know, I know. I actually forgot all about it until today when I saw Heidi Klum on a poster downtown. In fact, I don't know who went to fashion week, or what has happened with the season since I left the states in September. All I know is that over here, Heidi Klum is huge. Not only is she butt-naked on this month (pop culture mag) and all over , but she has her own spin off of America's Next Top Model here in Germany called appropriately, , hosted by Ms. Klum herself. I digress...

Back to the point of this post, Lise sent me a link to a news story about Top Design, a new Bravo reality show for aspiring designers with Todd Oldham steering the ship and and Elle Decor editor in chief Margaret Russell by his side. a few months back, so consider this a follow-up. The new series hits American televisions everywhere in January. Get all the details . Thanks again, Lise. You rock girl!