Friday Finds at Urban Outfitters {budget}

When it comes to finding a stylish bargain, head to stores where the college crowd shops, that's a good way to find items that are on trend and cheap. Sure, some of these items won't last for 50 years, but the way we change our minds, it's not a big deal to recycle items you tire of after awhile via your local thrift shop. Especially when it comes to accessories. We change them like underwear anyway, let's face it.

Here are a few great finds for spring from that will keep your pad looking sweet while keeping you at, or even below, budget. Love that! Here are some of my picks:

Great danish modern for $120, by eleanor groych for $12, from kate sutton for $12, pretty reversible for $100, and a woodcut $28.

I'm loving these fun Eleanor Groych pillows (isn't she the best?). A , , and a for only $24 each.

I like this for $60 and great lacquer-blue for $36, too.

Here are some more pillows - 4 priced at only $20 each that are really 8 because each is reversible (, , , and the ). Love that -- double duty on a budget!

And... (Drum roll please.) I've saved the best for last. Four fab in great patterns and colors (I love the natural faux bois with the white floral pattern) for only $32!

(images from urban outfitters)