MIT OCW (OpenCourseWare)

I've wanted to write about this for awhile, but couldn't figure out how to merge the topic with decorating and design... So I've decided to just post about it anyway because I think it's a great resource to tap into. Especially with so many of you either working in the business world or owning your own business, I'm sure you can find topics that interest you. Anyway, Boston's own MIT set up a free and open educational resource for people all over the world who want to pull up a seat and learn. After extensive research on it (including conversations with those who have taken a few OCW courses), I can't say enough to promote this avenue of learning. It's great.

Sure, you won't earn a degree from your studies via OCW, but you will learn about fascinating subjects from some of the best educators on this planet, which is never a bad thing. Whether it's you fancy, , or there is something that appeals to the curiousity of everyone. Some of their interest me, and looks interesting, too.

There are lots of great courses, and courses on (including urban planning), and even special programs that may prove helpful to those of you interested in product development, like , a course that covers topics from prototyping techniques to materials selection, design-for-manufacturing, field-testing, and project management. There's even a course on , a subject on the minds of so many business owners these days.

Visit for more information. But beware: There are lots of details to digest, so give yourself time to browse the site.

(image from mit ocw)