Reader Q: Where Can You Buy Vintage Letters?

Reader Stephanie is looking for letters, "Do you know of a place to buy Letters? Individual letters made from metal, wood. Variety of sizes? I want to get a collection of S." - Stephanie.

Image from Living Etc.

I'm thinking to check out and search under "Vintage Letters", "Antique Sign Letters", "Sign Letters", " Marquee Letters", or "Letter S" perhaps? Although I tend to bet the best ones are at flea markets... Of course, I'm sure websites exist that sell them. Maybe try , , or these chunky cardboard letters at ?

Hmmm. We may need to consult master letter expert, Victoria. (See her previous letter posts .) Maybe she knows where you can find a good S or two. She seems to love in San Francisco. Maybe you could call them? Oh, and I found this thread over at , these peeps seem helpful. You could jump in on that conversation.

from Anthropologie. Oh, and don't form words that are mean like this... he he. Image via . Can you imagine doing this? Don't laugh. It gets worse. I actually met a couple years ago that had a neon sign over their bed that said the s-e-x word in bright pink, so I guess anything goes these days. Or not!

Image from . Ah. Much more tame than the last image. :)

The living room of Kristian in Frankfurt via .
She found her letters at a flea market. Very nice - simple yet bold.

Can anyone help point Stephaine to some resources? Online, perhaps?