Reader Q: Stylish Rolodex?

Lindsay S. from wrote in looking for a stylish rolodex. Can you help her out?

"I'm a "paper" girl so tend to like to hold on to business cards that come my way, but I'm having a hard time finding a nice looking rolodex. I found this but it's sold out, and I can't find something just as "designer-friendly". Everything out there is so -- Blah. , but it seemed impractical as you couldn't slip in business cards. More style than function... Have you come across stylish desk accessories like a rolodex?" - Lindsay

Lindsay, I swear by from See Jane Work. I file all of my biz cards in mine; I actually have two, one is personal - doctors, lawyers, friends, family, and the other is for my biz s. The best part, besides how pretty they are, is that these books are small and easy to throw in a bag if I need to work away from my office. See Jane Work has a that is much nicer than those from the office supply store, too.

Anyone have some great rolodex resources for Ms. Lindsay? We'd love to hear about them if you do! :)

(images from see jane work and pottery barn)