Flow Spring Book

There is a Dutch magazine called that I really love, though I cannot understand a word of it. They recently introduced an English version () and I ordered it and wow, that lifted a huge veil! Did you know that Flow also has seasonal books, too?

I didn't either until December when I taught a at my home and Dutch student, , gave one to another student as a present. Yes, we did a gift exchange. I never saw it done before at a blogger event, but the idea was for each blogger to bring a gift - something from their country that they really love - so that when they arrive at the workshop and were introduced to their partner-in-crime for the weekend (we paired up teams), they both could exchange gifts. The bloggers, as a result, loved the idea soooo much! And I loved it because I could watch everyone unwrapping and saying ahhhhhh a lot! One gift struck me as so amazing that blogger, Louise, asked if I wanted a copy too and I said YES YES ohhh YES and a month later, I paid her and it was in my mailbox.

Now, with the spring edition out, Louise asked me if I wanted the latest copy and I was so happy she offered, so I bought another copy from her. I tell ya, it's magic when there are people so nice as to do things like this. Today, the spring Flow book arrived and though it's in Dutch (boo hoo), I still love looking at it. The layouts, the colors, the freebies (cards and planners and posters, oh my!), it's all so inspirational and nice. I wish it were available in English - I'd be totally in love. But for now, I love it as it is - so thank you Louise and thank you Flow for creating something so inspirational in print. When I see stuff like this I know for a fact that print is here to stay as long as publishers GET CREATIVE!

And don't you love how Louise wrapped it in brown paper, gift wrap paper and washi tape? So pretty - thank you Louise!

Here are the freebies on my pinboard - I wanted to show you what everything looked like. There is a poster, 5 postcards and a weekly planner. I also added Louise's pretty wrapping paper. Love!

Are you a Flow fan?

(images: holly becker for cattledogs)