Inspired By Plants

I have been positively obsessed with plants lately, from house plants to the balcony garden and beyond. I don't know what's come over me! I'm a fresh flowers girl and okay, total succulent lover, but plants? Plants remind me of the late 70s and 80s when my mother was hanging them around in her macrame holders that she made with her girlfriends. Plants remind me of my years in corporate when a plant was the closest thing we start up geeks ever came to nature. Plants kinda felt dated  over the past ten years or so and it's sorta sad that our little green friends have gotten a bad rap. NOT anymore. Greenery has pulled out its big guns lately and is popping up all over. I predict people are going to start decorating with plants more and more, are you feeling that too? I have no clue why stuff like this happens but it just does and when I happen to LIKE a trend, I just roll with it. Plus, having plants in the house is totally healthy.

I started a little to fan the flames of desire with hopes it will not only motivate me to water the ones that I have but to also inspire a visit to the garden shop. AND (warning: big plans for this city girl) if it EVER stops being so stupid outside, I'm going to totally go all on you and churn out an actual balcony garden. I met Isabelle, a lovely British author, at my Anthropologie book signing in London recently, and she gave me copies of her new book - - in both English and German (). I'm so inspired by her book - it definitely got me pumped for spring despite that it's still winter in April. I tell ya though, the second temps rise, I'm going for it and turning my balcony into something that doesn't look like a scary eye sore.

I love this image from that I found on . Gorgeous!

Ok and this image from photographer , too.

Sorry, last one - but is stunning and lots! of! plants!

This is from and wow, I just loved how they set up this shot by collecting greenery from their backyard.

This indoor/outdoor plant sanctuary shown in makes my heart turn to mush. I love this so so SO much.

The home of Sophie Schellekens as seen on is so pretty and casual, but I especially like this relaxed shot in the window with feet up and a big plant nearby.

Until my home has more plants and my balcony is an urban oasis, I always have  for dreaming and ok, because honestly, Kinfolk people are total plant people, right!?

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