ROXandSAN Vintage Portraits

Do you love the look of old and new?  I like a good mix because I think it adds personality to a room so when I heard from Amsterdam-based photo magicians, ROXandSAN, I quickly thought to share what they do because their work brings a magical old world touch to any room. I find their work heartfelt and inspirational - it spoke to me because I find old black and white photos so inspirational but often, they're too small to really enjoy as art.

In a nutshell, ROXandSAN creates vintage portraits by hand based on analogical or digital pictures. They transform those images into works of art through a print method called lithography (learn more about it ). The end result is a unique creation that would be a gorgeous to add to any room in the home.

You have to check out their process in action by watching their video here, great stuff!

(images: roxandsan)