Stylist Kim Timmerman

Have you ever been on Pinterest (follow me !) when, almost suddenly, a bunch of your s start pinning the same image, but they aren't even following each other?!? What??!  You click and click and cannot figure out how or what inspired the massive click-a-thon because it couldn't possibly be chance... Well, whatever the cause, this happened to me today and though I have no clue what inspired the sudden click fest, I decided to write about the person behind the photo on my blog to shout out their work so they don't get lost on Pinterest. Today, I'm highlighting Dutch freelance stylist, . See what inspires you about her work below - anything stand out?

If you missed it, scroll back up and pay particular attention to how she uses plates in her work - on walls, tables, as almost a sort of mood board -- really nice! I also like the stitched paper plates in the heart motif (too cute - you could hang a bunch of these on the wall for your next anniversary party!). The white desk (I have the exact same desk) on the concrete floor with the plant chart above it and the wooden industrial stool caught my eye too.

Kim is available for hire - from concept to production and styling, she's got your covered. You can here via her website here: Contact.

Lovely, inspiring work, Kim!

(images: kim timmerman)