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Home Tour: Renovated Victorian Dream Home

Yeah, my eyes just about fell out as I gazed upon this renovated victorian home in Melbourne, Australia today. I mean, how gorgeous is this place? You can see more of it on this fab site I found called Trendland though it seems they found it on where you can read all about this home, see a ton more photos, and learn about the homeowners and things in it. I sometimes feel like I've seen it all when it comes to homes but then I come across something like this and think, wow, this is so posh. Yes, please.

I love this cheerful painting and I love seeing it in-situ (below) even more. I think this is so important when it comes to interiors photography, to not just show tight shots but to zoom out and show a bit more action so you can get a sense of space. What do you think?

Bright colors are so peppy, they look so inviting and energetic in this living room - and that rug is divine. I adore light, airy and colorful rooms like this and they seem to work so well in Australia as it seems to be a country bathed in light.

It's nice to see the living room from this angle, looking out towards the yard.

And equally nice to see the home from the outside looking in. I wish more interiors books did this but I think it's a privacy issue as well as a lawn maintenance issue - lots of people have beautiful homes but not so attractive yards. In this case, the photographer got lucky - gorgeous outside and in!

When you need to "up" the cuteness factor, just add a cute dog or cat.

I like all of the contrasts here in materials - wood, iron, marble... I also like how they've merged wood on the ceiling with a monochromatic kitchen, it really warms up the space making it feel a bit retro modern too. That oven gets crazy bonus points. Love.

Oh god that pillow. Stop it, please. TOO CUTE.

Gorgeous blanket!

I really like this pendant light, and I mean REALLY like it. And the brass curtain rod is super pretty and perfect for the space for that touch of elegance. You need a little bling in a space, don't you?

Did you spot any details that you fell in love with? Which ones?

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