Debut: Abigail Ryan Hand-Illustrated Wallpaper

I love the gorgeous wallpaper care package that Abigail and her husband Ryan from design in Belfast sent over yesterday! I immediately tore into the pretty box (which was wrapped in wallpaper) and upon seeing their samples, I literally gasped. I love these hand-illustrated papers and the fresh and fabulous colorways. I immediately thought, "neon pink washi tape!", so I grabbed a roll and stuck them to my wooden cabinet so I could show you how stunning they are. I think neon really works with these papers so if I were to design a room using one, I would definitely have a neon accent somewhere in the room.

Inspired by flowers, Abigail hand-illustrated four wallpapers using two patterns and four colorways: Flamingo, Powder Puff, Maraschino and Margarita. I love how vibrant these are! Abigail and Ryan Bell started their company based in Ireland back in 2009. Their products are sold at in London, on Bond Street and have been featured in high end design mags like and .

They'll be launching their Spring/Summer collection, which includes this wallpaper along with throw pillows and table linens, at at booth LP58 (wish I could go, this will be an amazing show!) from May 12-14 so if you are in London, do head over to Earls Court and pay them a visit. And in a few weeks, they will be available online so and visit them towards the end of May to place your order! I just ordered 4 rolls for a project, I'll show you the results eventually... :)

What do you think? Which is your favorite?

(images: holly becker for cattledogs)