22 Hard To Kill Houseplants

Looking for some hard to kill houseplants? I am! That's why I was SO EXCITED when I woke up this morning and found the most super awesome comment on my post about house plants, Let's Talk About Plants. Sandra, a long time reader, works in a flower shop in Sweden and put together a lovely list of plants that she thinks are fairly easy to care for. I did some digging around to verify her suggestions and ended up finding a few of my own so I've compiled a list of 22 house plants that are hard to kill for those of us who have a bit of a brown thumb. I have to thank Sandra for her amazing comment, it really inspired me to pull together this post, so thank you so much Sandra!

1.   | 2. | 3. (a good variety of these) | 4. Howea forsteriana, | 5. Syngonium, | 6. Senecio rowleyanus, | 7. Epipremnum aureum, | 8. Peperomia argyreia, Note: There are a variety of peperomias, see for a complete guide. | 9.  |  10. Haworthia fasciata,   | 11. Chlorophytum comosum,   |  12.    |  13.    |  14.    |  15.    16.  Sedum morganianum,  |  17.  |  18.  Ceropegia woodii,  |  19.

20. Araucaria heterophylla, from .

21. by Kakan/

22. by

I'm so honored that Sandra commented with her insights and happy that I could share some of my research here too - I'm learning! And it feels so nice to get in the know so that I can add a few plants to my home without fear! Note: If you love succulents, to the different kinds of crassulas.

From those shown above, spot any that you like? That you own? What has been YOUR experience with them? Do you have some easy-to-care-for plants to add to this list? Please comment below so we can check them out!

(images linked to their sources above)