Potter Bridget Bodenham - Wow!

I have to share the amazing work of potter Bridget Bodenham! I found her on Instagram (follow her ) and have been love struck ever since. She is a potter who makes objects from clay, both functional and non-functional for display only in her studio in Hepburn Springs Victoria, Australia. Below is a glimpse of her studio from and some of my favorite images from her that she took of her most recent creations. The first image is by far my favorite - I'd love to own both pieces to serve olives, oil, bread and cheese during a rela evening at home with friends - and of course, a bottle of Riesling! The tiny bouquet makes this photo even more appealing, doesn't it? A touch of pink looks so pretty in this arrangement. Flowers are the best accents when displaying food, at least I think so.

Bridget occasionally hosts open studio days - if I lived in Victoria I would definitely go because it would be such a rela and inspiring visit, I'm sure. Ceramics make me feel so cozy - from the way they look and feel to their smell as wet clay is being formed - it immediately takes me back to school when we learned how to use a potter's wheel in the 6th grade. I used to LOVE the smell of our school art room - the chalky paints and the clay together - and I still do. As far as Bridget's work is concerned, I particularly like her use of metallics and this stunning chain link piece below is one I covet because I'd love to display it in my own home.

After doing a bit of googling, I found that Lucy had the chance to visit her in 2011 and was the result. Though it's a few years old, it's still a great read so please and check it out. There's another great write-up about her on the , too.

Are you a lover of ceramics like I am? I have an entire cabinet now dedicated to the ceramics that I collect and noticed a few weeks ago as I was unpacking them to place inside that most of my ceramics are white! Do you collect white ceramics too? Are you more into colors? Do you have a favorite ceramicist you'd like to share? Add their link below to the comments section so I can check them out and possibly pin to my on Pinterest. I'd really appreciate it!

Hope you are all doing great! xo Holly

(images bridget bodenham, lucy feegin)