Interior Trend: Into The Wild

Are you ready to venture into the wild for this trend post? This trend post is different to the ones I have been written so far as you will soon see... Into The Wild is not tangible, it's not about a piece of furniture or an object you can buy. It embraces a feeling, a way of living, a call back to nature. I'd like to take you on a journey of observing colour, texture and keywords that describe what Into The Wild means to me.


Into The Wild describes an urge for taking a break from every day life. It's about hanging a hammock somewhere outdoors to pause and contemplate. It is a visual response to our need of exploring once again to tap into our inner world, to travel and get lost without wifi and Instagram, no GPS marking our route and plans.

Photos: Chris Maynard // Aaron Feaver

Photos: Dullbluelight BOKEH // // Mokkasin GIRL

There's romanticism and a strong bohemian vibe underlined by the aesthetics of feathers, flower crowns, French braids, forage materials and tribal patterns. Photos are taken often during the golden hour searching for a softer, blurry look.

Photos: Kevin Russ Mobile Photography // Taylor Dorrell

Colours are warm and rich, greens, curry, oxid and sunflower yellow, combined with pastel hues such as pale pink and peach. Chocolate brown and black are added to give the right contrast and focus of the 'wild aspect' here.

Photos: Andie Speciality Sweets // Elizabeth Weinberg HAMMOCK

Photos: The grower's daughter // Parker Fitzgerald Photography RIGHT

One of the micro trends included is the caravan revival. They are made for camping and exploration, used as food trucks (you'll find them on all cool street events these days) or traveling from here to there selling lovely things. TIP: See and follow stylist journeys, they are so inspiring!


When it comes to defining materials, they are all very related to nature but do have a lived-in aspect -- imperfect and weathered.


As for interior design, let's talk swinging hammocks, hanging wicker chairs and peacock armchairs, all combined with huge lush indoor plants.

Photos: Siren Laudal Photography / Styling LEFT // Anthropologie hanging chair // Anthropologie

I hope you liked the different approach today. Let me hear your thoughts and what your into the wild experience lately has been.- Warmly, Gudy