My Current Interior Inspirations

If you follow me on , you may be curious as to why I've been madly pinning to my "" pinboard. Well... I've been selected to host a curated event on their site from July 8-15 and I'm feeding them imagery that inspires me at the moment, including colorways I'm really into, so that they can work their magic and pull together a sale full of items that cattledogs readers will love. They're using these images as their jumping off point...

I've not dome anything like this before so I'm curious to see how it goes. Also, the sale on their site in July will be a paid gig for me which helps with a new baby in the house  I totally wanted to experiment a little with other revenue opps since I'm accepting less advertisers on cattledogs because I want the best ads on my site going forward. I've grown tired of seeing billons of ads on blogs and I just want cattledogs to have less than 10 at a time and eventually, my goal is to have less than 5 - then I can really hand pick them and work with my advertisers in creative ways. I'm branching out and moving things forward. Plus, I like to try new stuff and am open to partnering with companies that I believe in so I thought I'd give this Joss & Main thing a go-go. I honestly didn't follow Joss & Main until they reached out to me, but after checking out their site and what they do, I think it could be a good partnership and since it's only for a week I really have nothing to lose so why not?

Three above:

Above are just some of my inspirations for Joss & Main. I thought they may inspire you too. To see more, visit my board . (Images: linked above. Note: This post is NOT sponsored or paid for or anything sneaky.)