Project: Gallery Walls of Wonderful Art!

Hello friends, was your weekend and father's day a good one? I never enjoyed father's day (my dad left when I was 17, got remarried and wanted nothing to do with me since his energy was with his "new" family - go figure)... But better late than never because I FINALLY enjoyed it for the first time in my life yesterday when we had a sweet family party at our home. It wasn't father's day here in Germany, but I still wanted to do a little something to somehow break the negativity I'd always felt to honor my husband, a brand new father - and it worked! We had guests! We ate cake! We enjoyed it! That was a pretty fantastic little dream come true. The negative father's day ghost vanished for good and now there will be only joy on f's day going forward. You have to break bad patterns, don't you?

Not sure if you on but if you do, please from our party and our happy little baby Aidan. I also posted photos from the fun outdoor markets that I attended this weekend along with a very special ring that I bought from jewelry designer .

SO! Let's talk about gallery walls of wonderful art. First, it's what I'm currently working on in my home. I have a few spots planned to create little galleries. Well, one will be quite extensive and most likely be in my office. That is the one that I'm working with on. I can't wait to show you what we're doing! The other gallery wall will be centered around from .

For the Minted wall, I'm looking at as options if I go for a more natural look. Which I'm leaning towards. But I need shots of color... Because this feels a little weak.

Maybe adding  to it could perk up the arrangement...

And I know these don't really relate, but I like them...

Yet I feel something is missing... like I need some crazy cool contrast-y stuff t to mix things up and add a little heat. And for framing, I'm thinking to do most of them in white but add a few in color just for fun... I plan to mix in some of my original paintings from that I've been collecting for the past 8 years along with a few three dimensional objects too - like an old key that I love, a porcelain painting, a wee little painting by , etc. I think adding some typography would be good too - to add some variety - who doesn't love a good quote? STRANGELY... I also want a few photographs - like fashion stuff. Maybe one of Kate Moss? That definitely can spice up the arrangement.

So that's what I'm up to on the decorating scene around here at the moment. Are you decorating in your home? If so, what are you up to? And do you have any art wall suggestions for me based on what I've shown above?

Have you seen my , and  on Pinterest. I totally do boards for projects I'm planning, don't you? Obsessed.

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