Micro Trend: Pineapples

Hello friends and happy Saturday to you all! I've decided to go back to producing my random trend posts based on what I see online and during my travels locally. So let's talk about a trendy little motif that you'll see dotted about in the fashion and interiors world right now, particularly in parts of the world where it's summer. PINEAPPLES!

Pineapple feet print (bottom left) by .

You either love 'em or hate 'em. In celebration of this trend, I had a virgin piña colada for lunch with my girlfriend yesterday which helped reiterate the fact that I'm a pineapple fan to the core. As a motif and food! I believe its popularity and whether YOU like it or not has to do with where you live. Like if you're in the middle of Ohio this motif may not speak to you as much as if you live in Miami or LA. I grew up on the South Carolina seacoast so I can totally imagine working pineapples into our family home back in the day or running around with a pineapple clutch under my arm. But in northern Germany, not so much. For me to hop on this trend, I'd have to work it in subtlety at home or include it in a summer party theme. I remember as a kid we always had a golden pineapple on our bookcase. It symbolized hospitality. And of course, one on our doormat. Maybe that was just a southern thing growing up in South Carolina. I remember seeing pineapples more commonly there, especially as brass door knockers. So tell me, where are you based, would a pineapple motif fit your world? Or would it feel out of place? So, let's look at some fun pineapple-y things that I found online that may inspire you. I personally LOVE seeing all of the yellow and citrus hues - it makes me happy!

Pineapple Love print from .

DIY pineapple ring dish by .


from The Working Girl.

Pineapple pattern from .

designed by Rifle Paper for Hygge & West.

by Empire Lane.

by Studio DIY.

by Eloise Roberts, throw pillow by , throw pillow by , pillow by , solo pineapple by , pillow by , fresh pineapple by , fruit pineapple by .

from Sugar and Charm.

Pineapple art print by , print by , tribal pineapple print by , by Amy Lowry.

Free printable gift wrap at  .

Mint green , white pineapple lamp from , pineapple accent lamps from , Pineapple poster from .

Print from  on Etsy.

iPhone cases by Field Trip: , , , .

Girl's t-shirt from ,  Labdip skinny jeans at in pineapple print, Pineapple still life tee at , Anthro pineapple , pineapple-y  tablecloth, for kids by Strathcona.

 A more grown up take on this trend is the  by Kara Rosenlund.

Pineapple cookie jar as seen on the .

Great art in the home and one with a pineapple! Fun! As seen on .

 So what do ya think? Are you in love or not? Psst: Looking for pineapple print fabrics? Visit . Or are you feeling hungry after seeing these lovely prints? Try smoothie...

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you next week!

(images linked to their sources above.)