14 Creative Ideas For Pegboard

I've had this thing for pegboard lately. First time in my life really. A sorta crush. It's not that common where I live so I'm not even sure where to buy it in Germany but I'll begin my search soon since I want it in my new work studio. It seems very smart and functional but also looks good if done right. I think it's all of the dots. My favorite color is white but it seems to come in a myriad of colors, unless the colorful ones that I'm seeing are paint jobs. I know so little about this material, we never used them in my nearly 10 years designing corporate offices. But then again, how creative and fun is office design for mutual fund companies and banks, right? If I had spent that time designing graphic design and creative studios, I would have run into pegboard a lot more often in my adventures I'm sure. The one thing that I noticed while looking at pegboard is the many different ways it is used - not just in an office! I've included 14 examples in this post. In the nursery? Yes! In the garage? Yes! Over the bed in a kid's room? Yes!

1. To organize clipboards in a work space or hallway. I love this found on .

2. Pegboard cut in a letter shape. This is a fun DIY on . I just love it. A for Aidan? 3. A sideboard with pegboard doors. Super brilliant. This is from  designed by (in love, want!).

4. As doors for wooden cubes near a desk featured in . 5. As a modern headboard - this DIY is on .

6. Over the bed in kid's rooms. This clever idea is from . 7. A DIY memo board from for the kitchen... 8. A pegboard coatrack with cross stitch detail by . 9. As a backdrop for displaying art at home from . 10. To display cards or as a seating chart at a wedding as found in the beautiful book ().

11. Go monochromatic above a desk in the home of Mandy Pellegrin from . Oh this looks so good.

12. Painted cross stitch pegboard in the office of (DIY here). Another fun idea!

13. In a above a changing table. What an interesting idea, I like it. You don't have to put so many holes in the wall, either. Photo by  for .

14. In a workshop. This is where jeweler makes her gorgeous jewelry, I want to own the entire collection by the way... As seen on .

Do you like pegboard? Any of these examples appeal to you? Where do I find it in Germany and what is the German word for it? Stecktafel doesn't seem to be the right term. Werkzeugwand seems to be made of metal and for tools. In Dutch it seems the word is geperforeerd hardboard, so maybe it's similar in German... It's basically just particle board with holes in it. Help!

(images linked to their sources above).