Autumn Interiors 2014

What do Autumn interiors look like this year to you? I created a so you can peek into  including some of the photos that I took yesterday in the forest behind my home. Here is a glimpse into my vibe this year for Autumn... I LOVE this mood right now and is the current inspiration behind my living room redecoration project too. Moody, smokey, intense, sensual, nature-inspired and cozy as hell!

Holly Becker

Honey Pie Living

Holly Becker

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Holly Becker

The Smiths (I'm going to see Morrissey in November - yeah!)

Holly Becker

David Gandy and Bianca Balti for Vogue Mexico Hombre (June 2013) via

- source unknown - if you know, tell me!

Pinned here - source unknown - if you know, tell me!

Does this mood and palette feel like sweater weather to you, too? Moody blues and greens?

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