13 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you celebrate Christmas, you will love that I put together to inspire you on Pinterest - though I must confess that lots of the ideas are versatile enough that you can tweak them to fit your style, your religion, your life. There are lots of pretty decorating ideas to be found and some recipes, too. Here is but a glimpse below...

1.  from studio diy.

1. pine tree cookies from natalia from .

3.  with paint and paper from knot magazine.

4. diy tree cards by .

5. A gorgeous table setting that is  by holly marder, photography by .

6. A simple wreath made from colored string lights on .

7. trees on tin cans for wrapping gifts and 8. hand painted ornaments by .

9.  from knot magazine.

10. socks in all sizes as an advent calendar by .

11. yummy  from what's for lunch honey.

12. A  from knot magazine.

13. A delicious and beautifully decorated  recipe by lebenslustiger.

So many festive ideas, don't you think? I hope you like looking through my board on Pinterest for more beautiful ideas, too. xo, Holly

(images linked to their sources above.)