Etsy Home + Wellness: Collection 01

Hello everyone! My husband told me that he missed my Etsy Take Five Tuesday column. WHAT? I thought. Okayyyy. I didn’t expect that, but I had authored that column weekly for years and years and YEARS and he, and thousands of others, really depended on it regularly. Maybe you remember it too? Maybe I had featured your business once?

Truth is, I discontinued it because I wrote four books and traveled the world and had a baby (I know, I'm such an underachiever LOL). And yeah, I’m still busy as hell like everyone else, yet I truly really miss being more present on cattledogs, and I miss some of the columns I once authored here like the Etsy column and the posts where I wrote from my heart on topics that I felt were important to address, and I miss when I showed you my home and talked about how I decorated a room or decided to move (again).

Anyway, I’m happy to say that I'm bringing Etsy Take Five Tuesdays back only under a new name: Home + Wellness CollectionHome is obvious - anything for the home that falls on my radar, something I'd own and that I think you'd love too. Wellness can be anything from yoga mats to great, all natural skincare and scented candles.

My goal is to bring to light the wonderful SMALL business owners out there once again, who don't get a lot of time on blogs anymore. Have you noticed? It's rare to see small sellers and companies blogged about or featured on Instagram, simply because monetization has caused a lot of the large blogs to change their content. Many pro blogs are working mostly with sponsored content, ad companies, agencies, and affiliate links, so it is highly unlikely that most of the little guys selling online out there stand a chance at being blogged about these days. It's not 2006 anymore.

But can we bring back some of the old school in blogging? Please?

A small business with low or NO budget cannot pay to be on a blog and so most are pushed aside and told, "later, babes", or worse, pushed out completely without even a return email. I guess this completely unsponsored Etsy column is my attempt to show good old school retro circa 2006-2010 blog support for small business - no strings attached. 

With no further ado, I present my picks for the first run of this new (but formerly known as Etsy Take Five Tuesday) column:


ABOVE: by calivirek, s by Lappalainen, by NOTON Keramik, by Aggregat

Mighty Vintage

ABOVE: by Minumum Design, r by George & Willy, from Convivial Production,  by Calvill,  from Mighty Vintage, by Barruntando, by Alice Blue Florist

ABOVE: from Free Folding, by 1220 Ceramics Studio, from House of Baltic Linen, from Art Finds Boutique,

Foxes from Floral Apartments
Seven Seas Home

ABOVE: from Seven Seas Home, from Floral Apartments, w from Sew + Cloth

ABOVE: from Floral Apartments, by Arminho

I hope you've enjoyed my finds for the first home and wellness ETSY collections column on cattledogs.

Have a lovely day!