DIY: Pure + Natural Spring Mobile

Hi readers, this is from Hannover, Germany and I'm really excited about being a member of Holly's team on cattledogs going forward. Once a month I will visit you here to share some lovely handcrafts that you can make yourself. Here is my first DIY inspiration for you, I worked on recently and it's a nice welcome project to spring. I love to work with a variety of materials and create some simple, nature-inspired items for home decoration or for yourself in the form of simple jewelry. Today we're going to make the elements shown below in my photo that we will then use to create a mobile. But first... Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

Sunday was the first day of spring, does it feel that way where you live yet? It's still not feeling like spring yet so I decided to create a light and poetic mobile for you because it is a nice symbol for the season. As the days warm up and the sun is out longer, why not go out and see what you can find from a nearby park, garden, forest or your backyard to use for this project? Nature thrives on opposites, which are brought into harmony – it is the same with my mobile. I decided to use various materials, like finds from nature which include birch branches, stones and blossoms and I've combined with wooden beads and nature-inspired paper cuts - light and heavy, round and angular, rough and soft.

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

For showing you how easy you can create some of these elements, I made some photos to visually share my steps with you.

MATERIALS: for the leaf (no baking required, I used white) Colored paper Various Some veil herb, because it is nice when dried Birch branch Stone Clear natural-color thread 4 1 glue stick X-ACTO knife hand saw wire wire cutter Cutting mat All-purpose Sewing needle

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

STEP ONE: Trim sharp ends from wooden skewers so they don't pierce you or anyone else! You will use 4 skewers to create a mobile like mine.

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

STEP TWO: On the skewer at the top, add a fancy end so it looks like a long swizzle stick. Cut a strip of your favorite color paper 2-3" long and cut into the paper but not to the bottom forming lots of thin strips. You most likely learned this in school as a child, right? So I don't need to explain too much. Anyway, wrap the paper around one end, rolling with your fingers as you go, securing with glue to the stick.  This is the top of your mobile so set it aside to dry.


STEP THREE: Quickly make these three elements for your mobile. The first is simply to cut a circle of paper in a color you love and thread through a bead in the center, then fold the circle over to create a half moon shape. Remove the needle, you will eventually tie this element to the mobile. The next element is to use 6 wooden beads and some thread, and simply thread the beads on and then twist to form a shape, then tie at the top. Make any shape you choose. The final element is to take a large wooden bead and glue something natural to it, like dried flower as I did. This bead will eventually be added to the end of the 2nd skewer on your mobile.

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

STEP FOUR: I bet you made these in school too, paper fans! All you need is a bone folder for creating the best folds, thread, needled, scissors and paper. These are fun, you can see easily above how to make them so I don't think I need to go into detail! When you finish making one, just set aside for now.

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

STEP FIVE: Using a found branch and a hand saw, saw off a round disc for one element and for the other, a 2-3" stump. Create looped wire piece you can see in image 2, you need to make two of these. Now, make small holes in the top of your disc element and in the stump element, and insert the ends of the loop pieces into the wood. Use glue stick first to add to end of wire for extra support. Tie thread to each to create two ornaments that you will hang onto your mobile later on.


STEP SIX: Create some leaves with your modeling clay using your hands and then lay over a bottle to dry, wrapping them around curve of bottle so they have a natural, curve shape once dry.


STEP SEVEN: Use paper, an X-ACTO knife and a cutting mat to create a leaf pattern like mine. You can use a template if you wish, or free form. It's easiest to first use a template, trace with pencil onto your paper, and then cut shape from there. When finished, place aside.

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

Kerstin Reilemann for cattledogs

STEP EIGHT: Use clear stringing wire (or strong thread), and begin securing each skewer to the wire (or thread). I used one long piece of wire and tied to the first skewer, then the second, then the third, then the fourth, leaving some skewers off center. As you tie your elements to each skewer, pay attention to how well everything is balancing out so that the mobile is straight and not lopsided.

By choosing my elements, shapes and colors carefully, creating this mobile was more than just craftwork. It was a rela and enjoyable project; I loved to watch it grow by slowly testing out various combinations. During my experimental work, I love to play some good music and drink a good cup of coffee. Do you? I hope I will inspire you to do the same, no matter if your mobile or decorative wall hanger will look like my example or show your personal style, that's up to you.

Let me know if you have any questions, you can ask me in English or German in the comments section below. Thank you for having me for my first column today, readers! I'll be back in April with another pure and nature DIY idea for your home! - .

(Photography, Styling, Concept, Text: Kerstin Reilemann/ Editor, DIY Text: Holly Becker)

Easter Hazelnut Torte with Chocolate Orange Buttercream Recipe

Hello everyone! It’s back to say hi with my March column for cattledogs and today I’m celebrating Easter with you and giving you a sweet treat idea for your upcoming celebration. I always see Easter as the turn in the season - the days can still be beautifully warm but as three o’clock hits the air temp becomes crisp and a jumper has to be pulled on. This year, however, Easter is super early and with the above average sunny and hot days that we have been experiencing here it’s all set to still feel like summer. Many of you will be experiencing the first hint of spring with blossom on the trees, daffodils shoots poking through the soil and longer, brighter days. It’s such an awakening time of year after the hibernation of a long winter so enjoy the change! Emma Duckworth for cattledogs

Excitingly I’ve hit my third trimester in my pregnancy and as much as I love long hot summer days, I am longing for the cooler air of autumn to provide some respite (I'm in Sydney, Australia). The nights are still so warm and with this growing belly of mine it’s harder to get a full nights sleep comfortably. I like to think it of getting prepared for the broken nights sleep when the baby comes! My girls are relishing in the prospect of baby’s arrival. Being so close in age themselves (only twelve months apart) this experience of having a younger sibling to care for is exciting them to no end - it is quite the loveliest thing to see.

Emma Duckworth for cattledogs

Back to Easter. With a long weekend we usually celebrate with a family get together, usually breakfast and have a mini Easter egg hunt in the garden. Regardless of what time of day it is our get together will have to involve chocolate and of course Easter eggs (my two still sweetly believe in the Easter bunny!). I’m thinking a breakfast of french crepes with chocolate sauce (recipe on my blog ) and a selection of fruits and good ol’ avo on sour dough (inspired by Rachel’s last column)... And of course this hazelnut cake that can easily be made into cupcakes if you prefer.


I love love love nuts in cake and this hazelnut torte is delicious! My aim was to keep the components of the recipe simple and so have teamed the cake with a fragrant orange buttercream. This buttercream packs a bunch with jaffa flavour which is delicious (I’m a strong fan of chocolate orange anything!!) but if this isn’t your thing then team the torte with a simple chocolate buttercream. The variety of Easter eggs that you decorate with on the top of the cake will give you an additional hit of chocolate!. You should have seen my girls’ eyes light up when they saw all the eggs - they thought they were in chocolate heaven!!

INGREDIENTS: For The Cake: 1 Cup plain flour 1 Cup hazelnut meal 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 Cup unsalted butter, softened 1 Cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup light or dark brown sugar 3 eggs 1 tbsp vanilla extract 1 Cup sour cream 1/2 cup chopped toasted hazelnuts (optional) Selection of edible Easter eggs of your choice

For The Frosting: 2 c unsalted butter, softened* 4 c powdered sugar 1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, sifted a pinch of kosher salt zest of one orange 2 tsp orange juice

METHOD: 1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Butter two 9-inch round cake pans. Line bottoms with parchment paper. 2. Whisk together flour, hazelnut meal, baking powder, baking soda, and salt and then put to one side. 3. Using an electric mixer on medium speed, beat butter, sugar, and brown sugar until light and fluffy. 4. Add eggs, one at a time, mi well after each addition. Then mix in vanilla extract. 5. Reduce mixer speed to low. Add flour in three portions, alternating with two portions of sour cream. Mix until a few streaks of flour remain. Stir in chopped hazelnuts if you would like a bit of crunch throughout the sponge (this is optional). 6. Divide batter evenly between prepared pans. Smooth batter evenly in pans. 7. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until cakes are lightly browned and a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean. 8. Cool in pans on a wire rack for 15 minutes. Then, run a knife around the edges to loosen the cakes. Transfer cakes from pans to a wire rack to cool completely. 9. In a separate bowl beat all frosting ingredients together until smooth.


10. To construct the cake: Place one layer of sponge cake on your cake stand or plate, spoon buttercream and spread to edges. Place second layer of cake on buttercream and spoon a final buttercream layer on the top. Allow to cool in the fridge for 20 mins. This will firm up the buttercream and give your cake more stability. Now is your chance to get creative with the top. I sprinkled a layer of flaked white chocolate in an arc shape and using this as my ‘template’ then topped with varying sizing of Easter eggs. The different scale and proportion of the eggs allows the top of the cake to have a main focal point (here it’s the large egg cracked oped with mini ones spilling out).



Enjoy your Easter dear readers and I’ll see you next month on 16th. We’ll have just come back from a week in Bali on a long awaited for family holiday and so I am thinking of a sweet treat inspired by the tropics. -

(Photography, Styling, Recipe and Text: . Editor: Holly Becker)

Blog Power e-course - Now Registering

Ok so last night, as I spoke before a bunch of mostly tech guys about my pretty, light and bright blog and my all-girl team and how I built my blog from nothing to something quite robust... I felt intimidated, a little nervous and well, quite a fish out of water. I wondered what they thought as I waxed on about my books and showed the pretty covers in my happy slide presentation. I wondered if I was cool enough to present along with others who were there to talk about virtual reality headsets, online insurance portals, travel websites, etc. But like a good girl, I played along and spoke about my work with joy because well, I love what I do. I enjoy spreading a little magic as often and as far as I can. When I throw seeds out there and someone grabs one, grows it, and becomes a successful entrepreneur based off of something I said, that's my fuel forward. I'm proud of blogging but even more proud that after celebrating my TEN YEAR (!) blog anniversary in January, that I still have passion for this and so many readers popping by regularly to see what we have to show next on cattledogs. Thanks, guys. I'm honored, flattered, and extremely joyful that I can wake up each day and approach my work with a happy heart. Not all days are sunny, I have some rubbish ones like the rest of us, but all in all my career has made my life better than I had imagined it as a young girl dreaming of my future. I wish I could give everyone with big dreams the courage to go out and make them come true. That is why I started running e-courses exactly 7 years ago this month, to share everything I know, to motivate and to plant seeds of courage. I love to empower others to set their plans into action and to let people know that it is possible to get some, or even all, of what you want. But also the hard reality of it is this: IT IS NOT EASY or OVERNIGHT.  


After presenting last night, I stepped off stage to a mighty applause. Those guys respected me and were happy I shared my story. Afterwards, they told me so as I collected business cards from men who were so intrigued by my "self made" profession and, that I was a women, was even more interesting to them because the tech world is still largely made up of men. I ended up inspiring a group of people that I never thought I COULD inspire. I only thought fellow bloggers, mostly women, were curious.... But for the first time in many years of speaking about blogging publicly, I spoke before a group of people that I seriously thought would nod off as I spoke. It was quite the opposite. They smiled, they laughed at my corny jokes, they were pleased when I read the titles of my German books in my best German accent, some even whistled. How about that?

When I got home, I thought about the upcoming that we just opened for enrollment last night... And how I want to pull 1,000%, my absolute all, into this class like no class before it. I want to do video, more podcasts, try a webcast live, and really TALK to my students and interact in fresh new ways because I need this class as much as my students. Not only was last night a massive lightbulb moment - that people REALLY genuinely are still very interested in blogging, but they want to hear from the success stories and they like knowing that other people are out there making their dreams come true - it's encouraging - it gives hope and at the end of the day, HOPE is the fire inside that keeps us going, gets us up in the morning, makes us reach a little higher towards the light. HOPE.

A LOT of bloggers are due a little hug right about now, a sign of hope along with a big kick in the pants to wake up and stop feeling so sad about blogging and to appreciate this platform now more than ever. Instagram keeps changing it's game. Facebook is becomingly increasing more political, depressing, ad driven, a source for finding the depressing news, rants from friends, the next horrible problem... It's all so bleh. The only things about Facebook that I really like are the Groups and the live videos that you can do if you are a special Facebook member with a blue check near your name. Those are gold and I love the live vids. Pinterest doesn't really have my attention anymore. Periscope is interesting, but only when you are lucky enough to be awake at the same time as your favorite blogger who happens to be broadcasting live or you catch it before it's deleted. Snapchat, well, okay that is fine but nothing you can look back on and say, "Look at when I did that!".

Yet blogs remain.

And they remain the same. No one can come in and change our game (though big companies try) and no one can come in and take away our look and feel, our voice or buy our audience overnight. We run the show. In this sense, blogs are GOLD people. We are IN CONTROL.

It's time for more blog power.

It's time to recognize the value we STILL VERY MUCH HAVE as bloggers, as influencers, now more than ever because a blog is still a very powerful, personal, largely independent, massively popular platform. Why not ROCK the hell out of it?

That's why I decided to title our next three week e-course, . Because I'm still earning a living from blogging, as are many others, in fact I'm doing better than ever. I have a team of writers now that are doing beautiful work. My readership is growing. I'm seeing more page views now as people are starting to get a little bored again from the other places they've been hanging out... And I think that's a sign that blogs still have clout, are still being read, and some are still very much alive, well and leading the pack.

Blog Power will be lead by me Holly Becker along with  from Avenue Lifestyle who is a photographer, stylist and journalist working in the Netherlands, and Irene Hoofs from which is a blog, a creative studio, shop and workshop and an online gazette. Irene is a real dynamo. We are all working mothers with young children, we all have blogs, and we all are working professionally with clients, on assignments, living as expats in foreign lands, and meeting the challenges of everyday life just like the rest of you.

We know the recipe of how to build an amazing company and earn money doing it, all from our blogs as the base, and we are going to explain how we do it.

Together, we'll cover:

  • How to find your passions and identify your core skills
  • How to decide how you want to “look” online in two parts: For those new to social media and to all currently branded online looking to change things up.
  • Can you realistically do what you love for a living? We’ll break it down and explore this topic.
  • How do you generate an income when you don’t know what market rates are or even what your work is worth?
  • How to avoid discouragement when growth and engagement isn’t as expected, and then, what to do about it.
  • How to work alone successfully as a freelancer when you only have yourself to learn from and talk to all day…
  • How to stay focused and keep reinventing yourself when you think everyone is already covering what you want to do.
  • The hard stuff: the reality of working for yourself and how to overcome the hurdles and finding success
  • How to balance being a parent while also hoping to start (or keep) your business going
  • How to know which tools to sharpen to become better at what you do
  • Ways to keep your content strong and flowing
  • How to find great stories in everyday life (even if you don't live in an exciting city!)
  • The future of blogging and social networking in general and what it means for us.
  • Tours of our studios and how we organize things for our small business

... And so much more!

We are hosting this online workshop for only $99 if you register by April 1. After that, the price will be slightly higher, so grab a seat at our special rate. For $99 you cannot afford to miss this class - because we are going to all work very hard with our students to deliver content that will leave you buzzing with motivation, excitement and energy for blogging for months later. It's going to be a truly powerful three weeks and together, we're going to show you how to grab hold of your blog power and take what you are doing online - blogging, Instagram, etc. to a whole new level. You don't have to wonder how the pros are doing it. We're going to tell you how in only three weeks.

We can't wait to see you! #bloggingyourway #blogpower

(Photography: Irene Hoofs + Holly Marder)

DIY: Set of 3 Hanging Mirrors
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs

Hello cattledogs readers, it's here again and I can't wait to share with you a new, interesting DIY idea to try! This time we will be dressing up mirrors. Are you ready? I've always loved decorating with mirrors, as apart from being stylish, they are very practical - they open up a room and reflect light, making each corner feel brighter and bigger. That's probably the reason why I have at least one in each room. How many to you have at home? I particularly like the look of hanging mirrors in groups, in all possible shapes and versions. Whether they are modern or vintage, they add something a little more special than the standard framed ones so having one (or 3!) on your wall is a great way to show some character.

Sometimes though, mirrors can be overpriced, so I always try to come up with alternative ways to 'get the look' without breaking the bank. If you are a little like me, a fan of budget-friendly DIYs with custom possibilities, I have a feeling you will like this one! Today I will show you how to make a set of 3 small, hanging mirrors with painted edges for a bit of non-traditional, unique look. They are very easy to make (no drilling or glass cutting), and the total budget for this project is around $10 for all 3!

Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs

SUPPLY LIST - 3 small square mirrors (Tip: Instead of actual mirrors, use mirrored candle plates - they come in many shapes and you can get them for less than $3 each at craft and decor shops. - 3 strong chains, you can get them from your local hardware store or alternatively you can use jewelry chains but make sure they are strong enough to hold your mirrors. - 2 cans of spray paint (I used black and vintage gold) - painters tape - triangle hangers (2 for each mirror) - metal wire (optional) - metal cutter - very strong, hardware glue

HOW TO 1. Paint the edges of each mirror - in my set of 3, I painted one black and 2 vintage gold. I taped around the edges of each mirror, covered the center with a paper and spray painted them. Once painted, wait a few hours so the paint can dry well. You may want to spray them outdoors and wear your least favorite t-shirt! You can also spray them inside of a cardboard box to contain the spray paint.

2. Using strong glue, attach the triangle hangers at the back of each mirror. Make sure they are symmetrical by measuring the mirror and drawing a line to guide you.

Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs

3. Create a little metal rings with a wire. The easiest way to do it is to wrap the wire around the pencil, then cut the end with a metal cutter.

4. Attach the wire to the triangle hangers and hang your mirrors on the wall! That's it!

Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs
Agata Dimmich for cattledogs

I have to say I really love how they turned out and I'm curious if you like them too? Have you ever customized a mirror before? Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I will see you back here April 11th. In the meantime, I would like to wish you all Happy Easter, have a beautiful and relaxed Holiday! .

(Photography, Project, Styling and Text: . Editor: Holly Becker)

Delicious Avocado Toast Recipe

Hey there everyone, this is and it was so lovely meeting you last month with my first column here on cattledogs. It is hard to believe that it’s March already and autumn here in Australia. I’m sure at lot of you are super excited for Spring and reading all of the wonderful ways to decorate your space for the season, while I’m feeling a little sad about the fact that I missed summer! Why? Well... Due to family commitments, I’ve spent a large chunk of time in Canada recently and got to experience my first real Canadian winter in lieu of an Australian summer. It’s not all bad though if you are a glass half full kinda person like me. I got to see a lot of snow and my hubby made sure I partook in winter activities like tobogganing, snowball fights, trekking across frozen lakes and ice fishing. It was such a novelty for me to feel like a kid who’s seeing snow for the first time. Now that I’m back home in Oz, I’m making the most of enjoying what I like to call ‘the best time of year’ – the start of Autumn. The weather is really just simply delightful, so before the month is out I will be indulging on the last bit of summer produce. Rachel Korinek for cattledogs

This month I wanted to share with you a little taste of Melbourne. Being a stunning food destination with a culture of eating out, both at restaurants and food festivals year round, there is an endless number of dishes that are synonymous with this great city. I’ve chosen something humble, attainable yet ever impressive: a Melbourne twist on avocado on toast.

Rachel Korinek for cattledogs

Rachel Korinek for cattledogs

The brunch café culture is strong in this city and Australian’s love their avocados, (or avos as we fondly refer to them, even on our commercials on TV with the tag line “av’ an avo today!”). So there is avo on toast in nearly every brunch destination you can imagine and they all speak uniquely to their diners. If you ask a Melbournian where the best avo on toast is in the city, there’ll all share a great detailed list with you of where and where not to go. What works and what doesn’t. Who has a new take and who seeks perfection in the simplistic.

My favorites have included incorporating it into hummus, with a side of candied bacon or oven roasted cauliflower with dukkah. Almost always accompanied with a poached egg. As a tribute to this great brunch recipe, I’ve chosen to share with you a combination of flavors: Edamame Avocado Hummus Toast with Pistachio Dukkah.

Rachel Korinek for cattledogs

These colors for sure will get you excited to enjoy the treasures of Spring and for those of us emerging out of summer, a one last ditch to savor the fruits of the season.

If you’ve got poached egg skills, why not serve with a side of runny egg goodness?

RECIPE Edamame Avocado Hummus Toast with Pistachio Dukkah

SHOP LIST Edamame Avocado Hummus 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil 400g edamame, shelled and frozen 1 avocado, skin and seed removed 2 garlic cloves, minced 1/4 cup lime juice 2 tablespoons tahini Salt and pepper to taste Pistachio Dukkah 1 tablespoon black sesame seeds 1/4 cup pistachio nuts, chopped 1 tablespoon ground coriander 1 tablespoon ground cumin Salt and pepper to taste

Fresh crusty bread, sliced and lightly toasted 3-4 medium sliced radishes, thinly sliced Fresh green herbs to garnish, if desired

HOW TO Steam the edamame per instructions on the packet. Let cool slightly and gently run under cold water. Set aside. Meanwhile, to make the dukkah, add black sesame seeds, pistachio nuts, ground coriander and ground cumin to a bowl and mix. Season to taste and place in a little pinch bowl. Once the edamame has cooled; in a food processor, add olive oil, garlic, lime juice, edamame and avocado and blitz until combined. (Mixture should be thick and a little grainy). Add tahini and season to taste. Add a generous amount of hummus to slices of your favourite toasted bread, top with some finely sliced radishes, a pinch of dukkah and a snip of green herbs from your garden (if desired).

Rachel Korinek for cattledogs

Rachel Korinek for cattledogs

Rachel Korinek for cattledogs

I hope you love this and if you make it, please add a picture to Instagram and tag #twolovesstudio and #cattledogseats so we see it and can like it and maybe follow you, too! I'll be back on April 6th with another recipe from my kitchen to yours. In the meantime, have fun with Holly and her other columnists! See you soon again! - .

(Photography, Styling, Recipe: )

8 Trendy Pieces For Spring Decorating

Today's post is all about sprucing up my nest for spring and the 8 things that I recently ordered from American online shop, , whom I love because they have the best taste in the world and curate the best products. And I love that. There is little from Lulu & Georgia that I would NOT buy, everything is just lovely. When they went above and beyond and shipped stuff to me in Germany, I was so pleased because lots of American products (like Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade, etc.) are not easy to find in stores here, and are non-existent in my city. If I drive over to Berlin, sure, I can find a few options but still, nothing like the great stuff Lulu & Georgia stocks so it was pure pleasure for me to be able to get stuff from America from one of my favorite web shops. Do you want to see glimpses of these 8 pretty things I have added to my home for Spring? LG_LOWRES_07

But first, I just love to spruce up my home in March to welcome the new season. March is also my birthday month (21st) and so I find it important to my emotional health to do some home detox around my birthday each year. In fact, I've been reorganizing a lot, throwing stuff away, donating things and in April, I'm even hosting a 'hausflohmarkt' in my home next month - a flea market! I can't wait.

So... In the process of the detox, I'm also shopping online for replacement pieces. In fact, more than usual, because I find so many great products online. I LOVE that I don't have to leave the house and carry back bags and boxes from stores. With a two-year-old that I take care of full-time, a business, I don't have a ton of spare time to even shop or run errands during "normal" hours so I shop after he's in bed each night from the comfort of my computer. It's the BEST, I never knew how amazing online shopping really is until I had a baby. I have everything delivered from diapers to protein bars, and of course, decor items for my home, gifts for friends, you name it and I've most likely purchased it online. Are you shopping more online too because if you're not, let this post inspire you to go for it!

Alright, so now the big show and tell. Would you like to see what I got from Lulu & Georgia for my Spring spruce up?

LG_LOWRES_03 1. , $42. This will go in my living room on the bookcase far away from my little boy of course.

LG_LOWRES_05 2. , Brass, $128. I love this for my office to hold business cards and my rings since I always remove them when typing.


3. , $28 and 4. , Mustard Zig Zag, 11x17, $71. I love pretty staplers and trays - they are great for containing clutter in the office.


5. , Deep Sea (set of 4). 20x20, $23. I have 8 of these napkins and plan to use them for my next party. The dots are happy and fun!


6. , 18x24, Deep Sea, $11. I love these tea towels for drying up the dishes and displaying on hooks in the kitchen for some pattern.

LG_LOWRES_08 5. , White, 2x3 (shown above on my sofa) and 6. , Ivory & Charcoal, 8x10 (in LOVE!). I really like putting sheepskin on the sofa, even in the Spring since it still gets so cool at night. Plus texture just is the best thing to integrate into a space when decorating - adds dimension and warmth without cluttering up a space. This rug is the bomb. I really cannot stop gushing over it. I never will replace this thing, it's h and I mean look at it, how gorgeous against hardwood floors?


8. , $74 - This tray is great for a coffee table because it can be a nice spot to lay the remote, though I removed the remote for the photo of course. :)

How do you like these things and even more, how do you imagine them in your home? Have you checked out lately online? They are just beautiful. I will definitely shop with them again, I'm smitten for real.

Have a lovely day, I'm off to take my little boy to music class - bye!

(Photography & Styling: Holly Becker for cattledogs)

(Note: This post was sponsored by . All product choices are my own. All opinions are my own.)