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Snug is Online!

Remember the sweet little shop tour we took last week when I introduced you to in my neighborhood? Well shop girls Berit and Kerstin just let me know that their little snug shop is open for business and that they will ship worldwide so if you see anything you like, show them a little love. :)

I plan to buy some of the shown above -- they are so cute, you should see them in person! I want to line some up on my dining room table. :)

(image: snug)

Cotton Idea Studio - 50% off

I was so sad to hear from today because after three years they have decided to close up shop. I wish them the best of everything... and hope that their road leads them to happy new places. Let's send them off with a smile, shall we? Why not help them clear their shelves -- they are offering a 50% discount valid until the end of March on their website. Please go have a look -- products are limited so don't think to hard about it, now is the time to be spontaneous! :)

Wishing you well Cotton Idea Studio!

(images: cotton idea studio)

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

It's time to check out five Etsy stores that are on my radar this week... would you enjoy viewing them for a moment along with me? I found some pretty drawings and paintings, soft and feminine photographs, bold and bright fabrics and lyrics in glitter!

I've talked about here before but have to share some of her latest photographs with you - I especially enjoy that some are mounted on boxes ready to hang and also that you can choose from magnets and cards, too. What a lovely section for spring!

is a graphic designer who prints her own fabric in bold, bright colorways that would be nice to transform into crafty things around the home.

is a shop run by a sweet lady named Dawn Tan in Australia who not only authors a beautiful blog but who creates sweet drawings and paintings - some with fun words on them, others with glitter, some with animals... and she has a beautiful fully illustrated zine called, , that looks like something I'd love to own.

Christine Lindstrom of is a shop that carries both the original paintings and fine art prints of this New Jersey artist. Her watercolors are so soft, ahhh. So pretty.

is another fantastic shop on Etsy where you can find beautiful photos and postcards. I just love her hearts and flowers photos - my favorites!

What caught your eye?

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The Owls Are Hunting

Pinch me. What a way to kick off a new month. I've fallen head over heels with these retro-inspired lamps by newly launched shop this past weekend. Talented founder/owner Jo is from England but now lives in Australia where she takes vintage lamps and gives them a bit of love and then tops the bases with handmade shades. Oh my, this lamp below gives me such goose bumps!

I'm crazy about the base and the shade is just perfect (above), don't you think? I would love to order the exact same one for my office. Well the office I plan to have once I find a new place to live! Ah, so fresh and vibrant. Here are some additional views of the lamps that Jo creates and a few glimpses of her work studio in Canberra. See if this doesn't brighten your day...

If you would like to order a lamp, visit where she has a little shop. You may also see more lamps on her . Also check out the Made It blog for a terrific in-depth that they had with Jo in February. Enjoy!

(images: the owls are hunting)

Anna See

Good morning and happy monday and even more, happy March to you! My windows are open where I sit in my office/dining room and I can hear the birds singing as the sun shines in on my face... the skies are blue and I'm ready for spring! And how are you today? I was born on the first day of spring and so I have a special fondness for March... Though I must confess that while living in New Hampshire & Boston winter often skipped spring taking us straight into summer and I really, really missed those glorious months that I loved so much as a child growing up down south. That is why I'm excited that for the first time since I was a teenager that I can enjoy a proper spring! Which brings me to introduce you to , an illustrator living in California who created these lovely bird block prints that to me, welcome spring in!

I enjoyed reading her refreshingly honest bio this morning and I'd like to share it with you because I think it may resonate with those of you who may feel a bit scattered when it comes to your interests or even your own portfolio. I appreciate how Anna has so openly expressed her viewpoint, "After often being admonished for being all over the place, Anna finally realized that it’s okay to challenge yourself and explore, and that versatility can be a strength." Anna adds that,  “Style should not drive the picture; the picture should drive the style.”

Which explains why her portfolio is not unified by a particular style... interesting viewpoint, right? Do you ever feel like Anna? If so, I hope you can find peace in the fact that it's okay to accept it and go forward with your passions, doing what you love.

You can purchase some of Anna's affordable work .

(images: )

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

I'm dashing out, so I need to post today's Etsy Take Five Tuesday rather quickly. But first, are you doing well today? I hope so. I've been trying to coordinate a bunch of things and have a lot on my plate right now but I'm happy to report that all is well and though I've still not found a suitable dwelling in which to "settle" into, I'm still working on it! House hunting, or in this case, apartment hunting, is super draining so one thing I've been trying to do is to not get into a pattern of negative thinking although it's hard -- but I'm keeping the faith! My goal is to find a place and move by August or September, so let's see what happens. And when I do, I'll be sure to show and tell... Okay so that's my housing update since lots of you are wondering (thank you for even caring!). Okay... let's look at Etsy for a moment and some of the great sellers over there... want to join me?

in Seattle has some truly beautiful glass plates, bowls and jewelry. Sabrina paints onto glass with glass enamels and when she heats these babies up her paintings fuse permanently onto the glass and never scratch or fade (her words not mine, I have no idea how this process works). She says that she learned this traditional glass painting technique in France and after seeing her photos I'm convinced that Sabrina has a steady hand and mad, mad skillz with a paintbrush.

I know that about half of you will start to squirm in your seats on this one, but is namely that, real (dead) bugs framed for your viewing pleasure. Hey, some people think it's creepy, I call it fabulous. I've been wanting a vintage blue morpho butterfly in a gold round frame for ages but can NEVER find one in a round frame -- always square, square, square! I guess I could transfer one into a round frame, but it's equally hard to find a round frame that is deep enough to accommodate a butterfly. Oh the dilemma! Oh the stress! But Bug Under Glass is fab so if you're scouting for creepy crawlies check this shop out.

Oh and if you don't understand why I want a vintage blue morpho butterfly in a round gold frame, perhaps this tear sheet from a Scandinavian magazine will convince you. See, I bet you didn't care when I said how great a butterfly in a round frame would look, but then I shared with you how the Swedes do it and you're all about the butterfly now aren't ya? Ha! I found it ages ago and think this photo is truly gorgeous and the butterfly makes it in my opinion. (photo by )

is UK artist Lee May Foster who studied fine art painting at the University of Brighton and she screenprints paper goods, accessories, t-shirts and then she also works on her paintings that often become cards and prints. Her studio is a barn at her parents' farm so obviously nature has a strong influence on her body of work. Pretty, don't you think?

is both an etsy shop and retail storefront in Seattle that seems to have a pretty loyal following given their volume of sales on Etsy! If you like to take baths and smell good (he he) why not grab yourself a few bars of soap -- I mean, can you really have too many bars of nicely packaged soap? Made from vegetable oils, herbal ingredients, pure aromatherapy essential oils and botanical extracts you really don't need to run around stinky. And check this out, the Bonjour Monsieur shea butter soap smells like black tea, tobacco, cedar, lemon, bay and clover. Doesn't that sound delish, like the hottest man smells all rolled into a single bar of sudsy heaven?

Let's add some bright color and whimsy into the mix today with , whom I've talked about before but since she has some new things in her shop I thought you may need a reminder! With soft wall art and pretty greetings cards, why not take a peek?

Bonus shop: (because I love ya!) may be a real mouth full for a shop name, but what a curious selection they have. About this store, "We are a crazy group of art directors/stylists/photographers/creatives/home interior junkies that can't shut it off. So, on the weekends we are scouring warehouses, estate sales and just about anywhere for the coolest finds. We sell only the things we love, so you will find a well-edited selection on our site. " Definitely well-edited, there are some dazzling finds in this eclectic store.

(images linked to their sources above)