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Design Finds

I recently wrote about some of my favorite design finds from and over at Real Simple but in case you missed them I'll share just a glimpse of the good stuff here because you really don't want to miss out on these goodies.

Don't you love that great red table or how about the umbrella stand or the turquoise coffee table? Very nice pieces for Spring!

(images: z gallerie and oomph)

Present & Correct

always has something to love with all their retro fabulousness. I love the idea of using vintage lunch trays as desk organizers -- I remember those things so clearly and how we had pink ones at our school. What color were your school lunch trays?

I also remember how insane my classmates were about pizza day. And it's funny because years later I had this déjà vu moment at work when a colleague came over to my desk and said, "Hey Hols, it's buffalo chicken wrap day, we've gotta get over to the caf before they sell out". I remember feeling like I was 10 years old again on pizza day. Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same, isn't it?

(photos: present & correct)

Moonbasket: Lighting + More!

Oh, oh, oh! This is hot. in South Africa has some mind blowing crochet designs on their website like crochet pendant lamps, cuff bracelets, stools, and votive candles made out of cotton string and jute twine. Cape Town designer and artist Dani Le Roy launched and works alongside business partner Laura Summs to design and make pendants and other home accessories out of mostly natural materials. Stunning!

So tactile, and very grandma's house gets a mega modern makeover! And you know what I learned about crochet today that I never once thought about? This.

"Crochet is one of the few crafts that cannot be replicated by machine. The unique quality of each handmade item produced becomes the most essential part of its luxury."

Is that not the coolest factoid ever? I think yes. I mean, it's like crochet is untouchable, it's the ultimate handmade product. I really like the simple, modern styles of Moonbasket. What do you think?

(images: moonbasket)

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

I need to be brief, I'm on the fly and it's getting late... but I could not miss Etsy Take Five Tuesday this week because there are some real gems to share. No detailed descriptions this time around boys and girls... just pure sticky sweet eye candy glowing from the screen. Here you go -- my five picks for the week. I do hope that you enjoy them. The first find is a riot.. I want the lemon print AND the pink heart 'cos Home is where the heART is!

has bright and cheery stationery for spring. Gotta love the wisdom in this print, "When life hands you lemons make a gin and tonic." A woman after my own heart.

art, gift tags, and other pretty things...

has loads of letterpress goodness but this amazing DIY town blew me away when I read about it on today.

in Brooklyn has some wicked awesome pillows.

prints are quirky and colorful and well, they just make me smile.

Spot any insta-faves? (images: linked to their source above)

The Time Is Now

I shared the delightful handwork of artist Naomi Shiek today over at and I loved this image from her portfolio so much that I thought I'd post it here too.

Naomi has an etsy shop that I've featured on cattledogs before but in case you'd not heard it is called . Lovely.

(image: naomi sheik)

Ferm Living: New!

You're going to love these beautiful things for the home, I just know it! It's been awhile since I wrote about but I was reminded of them today when a reader wrote in looking for some help with her bedroom walls. I sent her over to with some wallpaper suggestions and it was then that I noticed they'd added a bunch of new products to both of their websites in the and in . From wallpaper to poufs and candle holders... some of these things shown below are not available yet in the US online shop but you'll need to check the website to know for sure. All things below are available in their European store though.

I really love mushroom soup wallpaper shown above -- fun for the kitchen or to line cabinets. Here's a decorating idea: It would also be nice to paint your kitchen a gorgeous chalky gray or even a warm, soft sand with crisp white trim and if you have a pantry for food, to wallpaper only the pantry with this mushroom paper. You could then use some of the mushroom tea towels in the kitchen area to bring it all together. How pretty!

How cute is this doll house and these bird pillows and soft mobile for baby?

I'm also liking the wall stickers called Sewing Room -- and how they've artfully placed them in the kitchen around trash bins! See any favorites that you can imagine in your home?

(images: ferm living)