Flower Power

I love flowers but seriously, who doesn't and how can you not? I've been playing with them all week at home doing arrangements and particularly am fond of the big French tulips I found yesterday at the Wednesday farmers' market. They are to die for! While thinking about flowers and dreaming of ideas for arranging them a little differently at home, I came across the new issue of online magazine, , and found these two spreads particularly inspiring to my process.

You can see the entire issue for loads of flower power loveliness. Congrats, Victoria on Issue No. 6!

(images: styled magazine)


I know, I know. I was just saying how I liked my colors moody and now I'm back to bright white but you know what, this lighting, the pleasantly over-the-top cowhide and these lovely realistic wallpapers are also on my radar this week too and all are from ... I adore the idea of wooden or walls but c'mon! How can most of us accomplish that on a budget? The answer is to go faux and I'm liking the idea because sometimes if you can't make it then your only choices are to either save up or in decorating at least - to fake it!

is basked in the UK and was launched a few years ago by Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia, the two designers behind and in Cambridgeshire. I love their style and edgy vibe - cool, creative, forward... The pendant light with the painting on the bottom is something I would definitely consider owning. I think though that lots of their papers and lights would be amazing in a cafe or retail space. I can see it now...

If you like what you see above you can view more in their .

(images: mineheart)

Moody Colors Make Me Happy

Something about these rose-patterned pillows entices me, especially the moody charcoal gray. I've been drawn toward a moody palette lately more and more (it started towards the beginning of 2011) and I'm not quite sure where my new leaning has spawned from but I'm willing to guess it all began at in London back in February of last year. I remember walking around that store all alone and suddenly 'getting' why I loved it in there so much - because it felt cozy and edgy while still being floral and colorful. Plus Liberty has amazing natural light and shadows during the day, the vibe in that shop really sets my creative wheels turning! Sadly, magazines haven't inspired me lately but restaurants and retail spaces have so I've been out and about a lot with my inspiration radar set to ON.

For some reason this Spring, I'm really feeling more moody, muddy, dark colors with bursts of energetic hues. I'm not so keen on only brights lately, they feel a bit hyped BUT I do like them mixed into a moody palette but not so much on their own. I know, this is coming from the queen of color and white! In fact, I'm going to paint my living room wall a very dark gray soon, it's begging me to and I'm going to listen. For instance, check out that very grown up gray rose pillow above (which I would love for my sofa!)... I'd make drapes for my living room in the same pattern and use a neon pink curtain rod to add some energy. Fun! The pillows are from a Swedish creative studio called and the collection is Purété Blanc inspired by the French countryside. The motif began as a watercolor painting by graphic designer and then printed onto linen. I think it's really pretty!

I really like this styled shot above from Gunilla's website. Again, moody, imperfect, lovely. I'm loving this look!

(image: gunilla bruce)

Wall Frame Decals From Wall Stories

These are quite cute, right? I think they're lovely. Caron over at told me about their new wall decal collections that released last week and I had to share them. These neutral frames in particular caught my eye and were created by illustrator who is also a Wall Stories co-founder. Made in the USA (Portland, OR to be precise), all decals are durable, easy to peel and stick (and move around later), pvc-free, and are made out of adhesive fabric.

In addition to frames, you can find trees, birds, blossoms and many other lovely decals in their shop so please check them all out to see if any catch your eye - they are all so darling!

(images: wall stories)

Meet Me at a Food Styling & Photography Workshop (in a castle! eep!)

I'm so excited to tell you about a lovely to be held this summer in Germany in a nearby castle (romantic, right?) that I'll be guest teaching at! The talented ladies running the class, , and , have invited me to guest speak for a morning and to work with students throughout the day as they go about their styling and photography exercises. This will be such a lovely, intimate workshop and I can't wait to take part. You can learn more about the workshop and .

I'll be covering the following topics on Saturday morning for 2 hours: * My Story: Tips & tricks on building a meaningful career doing what you love * Interior Styling: Going beyond the plate * Staying On Top: Trends in cookbooks and food photography & styling * Networking Online: Creating creative and meaningful blog content * Q&A Session: Ask me, ask me, ask me! Anything and everything!

Please bring your notebook for my session because I'll give you loads to think about that you'll want to jot down. You'll walk away from this workshop energized and ready to style, take photos and use all of the tools that these lovely ladies have laid out for you as they have so much to teach you and offer - I can't wait to hang out with them and all of you for the weekend (I'll be there Friday and Saturday but only teaching Saturday morning and playing the big sister role throughout the day in case anyone needs help) as we all learn and grow together in an inspiring setting. So exciting!

NOTE: They just opened up 4 extra spaces for cattledogs readers if any of you would like to join us so if you are interested please register as soon as possible as spots are being offered on a first come, first serve basis only.

Hopefully I'll be meeting you at the castle in July! xo

Thank you Lisa, Julia and Meeta for including me!

(images: meeta wolf)

15 Clever Ideas For Instagram Photos

I'm so in love with the idea of turning photos into something more -- prints, a canvas, stickers, mini books, wall art - any and all ideas work for me - bring it! Last year, I turned a bunch of my own photos into art using in the Netherlands. I also gave my husband a present by turning some of his Instagram photos into wall art too. He was so happy when they arrived and immediately assembled them and installed it above his desk (You can ).

I'm guessing that if you are Istagram-obsessed like me, you must have recurring thoughts of turning them into something real too. My ideas motivated me to do some research to see what is out there and I found 15 cool ideas for Istagram photos that I've listed for you below. Ready to check them out?

1. As mentioned already, . I was surprised by how nice mine came out given that each square is pretty big. They look great!

2. Turn them into a canvas with or .

3. Sell them in your own to your fans like . Love her work!

4. Turn them into tiny books using or larger ones with .

5. Turn them into or .

6. Have you thought to make them into ? This is my favorite idea. I am going to place an order as soon as I finish writing this post!

7. What about a spiral bound ?

8. Or a t-shirt (this option will be available soon ).

9. How about a with a black or white border?

10. Perhaps a with every photo you've ever taken on Instagram?

11. How about ?

12. I know, you'd like a custom !

13. Turn them into of all sizes and shapes.

14. Everyone loves ! Eep!

15. Create a .

Any of these ideas catch your eye? I'm very keen on the mini photos (No. 6) and the iPhone case (No. 12). Stickers sound fun too!

(images: printstagram and casetagram)