May Meringues

Hello everyone! It's Emilie and I’m back with the May edition of . Thank you for your warm response to my first post, it’s wonderful to see the joy that food brings! I believe food is all about sharing. I’m glad to see you think so, too.

Today I decided to work on two desserts, both based on French meringue.

I love working with this stuff. You can create all kinds of shapes, it’s sweet, decadent and easy to colour ! I’ll start by showing you how to make little meringues that you can make for a gift (or eat yourself!). As with my first Playing with food post, I’ll just give you the broad sweep rather than step-by-step instructions. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments below! I whip my egg whites into peaks with castor sugar, and then fold in icing sugar with a spatula to stiffen up my meringue nicely.

I then spoon the meringue, that I’ve colored with a bit of powdered colorant into five exquisite pastel colors, into little pots. (Make sure you don’t get your pots mixed up!) Add more colorant to make your colors brighter.

I make my meringues using a piping bag and put them in the oven on a very low heat for about one hour and 30 minutes. The result: a delightful assortment of crunchy and pretty pastel-colored meringues!

I arrange my meringues in a little box lined with a doily, and close it with a charming piece of string, a colorful card and little pompoms. What a deliciously boxed gift!

The second dessert is a pavlova. Ohhhh.... ! This dessert is truly decadent! With meringue at the bottom, velvety cream in the middle, sweet gariguettes garden strawberries (one of the best varieties in France, yummy!) on top, and a bit of coulis, it is simply divine! It’s crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth and fresh – everything I love!

Makes you wish it was teatime, doesn’t it? I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’ll be back next month with new treats! -

(images: emilie guelpa)

What Liberty Ate: Issue Two

Prepare to feast your eyes! Last year I announced the launch of , a gorgeous digital magazine based in Romania founded by talented and foodie Gabriela Iancu. Today she has released issue two and I simply had to pop in on a Sunday to bring this to you because I know you'll enjoy it. Gabriela brings heaps of passion and love for cooking into this magazine that you can't help but fall in love. Together with her contributors who are based all over the world, this magazine has a genuineness to it that I appreciate so much. Here are a few of my favorites below - from the layouts to the interviews and recipes, it's altogether yummy!

I love this understated spread, no photos, just a gorgeous smattering of pink watercolor. It's a really nice visual break.

An interview with food blogger Aran Goyoaga.

The array of type in this magazine is gorgeous.

"Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots". - Frank Howard Clark. So true!

An interview with food blogger and now book author, Béatrice Peltre.

"In the second issue you can read gorgeous interviews with Aran Goyoaga and Béatrice Peltre and you will find here affordable recipes with focus on seasonal ingredients and inspiring photography with emphasis on home feeling. Equally, you will discover enthusiastic Romanian food blogs, such as Just love Cookin', Alison's trials, Gatherings of the World, and their vision about food and photography. We also featured a wonderful haute couture house found in Bucharest by the curious team of Designist. The art and joy of the perfect tea has been presented to us by Miss Babacilu, a costume jewelry designer." Great job Gabriela, nicely done and so inspiring for all!

(images: what liberty ate)

Ocean Hues

Hello friends, it is Leslie here for May’s edition of Color Me Pretty. As you can see this series is about the many shades of ocean blue, like fresh aqua, ultramarine, indigo and pale blue. With summer around the corner it is hard not to think about this classic blue and bright white combination.

I have been spending a lot of time in my studio lately working on some projects with watercolors and acrylics. If you don’t already, I highly recommend playing with paints to explore color combinations. It is nice because you can also experiment with a color’s intensity by adding a little water to lighten, or a little more paint to get a darker shade. You can explore a color palette on a small sheet of paper before you use it in a larger scale design project.

A couple weeks ago I spent the day on a little beach near my home with my family and we had fun finding loads of sea glass that was washed up among the rocks. I decided to sort our colorful treasures into piles. It is always an interesting design challenge to think about good ways to display collections. I can imagine this sea glass glued to these pieces of paper and then put into a deeper frame or shadow box. It may also be nice to find some pretty clear bottles to put the glass in to then admire on a little shelf. I think my daughter would like that as she enjoys holding and looking at her “treasures from the sea”. I love the aqua and pale teal shades, and could see them looking pretty in the water of a floral arrangement or in a dish in my bathroom.

With all the watercolors on my desk I couldn’t help but dip the edges of some doilies in the colored water! I have seen some crocheted doilies dip dyed and wanted to experiment with the paper ones for gift-wrapping. This was so quick and you just need a big sheet of paper to dry them on. The drying paper looked beautiful too with the doily patterns left on it in blue paint. The dip dyed little doilies would look sweet wrapped around a jelly jar full of flowers. You could also dye the paper with food coloring for a food safe option. I think I may try dipping them in hot pink next!

I hope you have enjoyed this color story and maybe you have a few ideas to try out. Take care, enjoy May and thank you! - .

(photography: leslie shewring)

Totally Type A!

Now this is totally type A! , a British design company based in London, wrote in recently about their A-frame furniture and I found it so cool I had to write up a little post. I appreciate playful design, don't you? Though I must highlight that this design is all about form and function -- not only does the A-frame give the furniture strength but it reflects their passion for typography in a creative, playful way. No doubt type-junkie customers will love it too! Here is the stool AND the lamp...

What do you think? To see more products from ByALEX check them out online .

(image: byalex)

Flower Power

I love flowers but seriously, who doesn't and how can you not? I've been playing with them all week at home doing arrangements and particularly am fond of the big French tulips I found yesterday at the Wednesday farmers' market. They are to die for! While thinking about flowers and dreaming of ideas for arranging them a little differently at home, I came across the new issue of online magazine, , and found these two spreads particularly inspiring to my process.

You can see the entire issue for loads of flower power loveliness. Congrats, Victoria on Issue No. 6!

(images: styled magazine)


I know, I know. I was just saying how I liked my colors moody and now I'm back to bright white but you know what, this lighting, the pleasantly over-the-top cowhide and these lovely realistic wallpapers are also on my radar this week too and all are from ... I adore the idea of wooden or walls but c'mon! How can most of us accomplish that on a budget? The answer is to go faux and I'm liking the idea because sometimes if you can't make it then your only choices are to either save up or in decorating at least - to fake it!

is basked in the UK and was launched a few years ago by Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia, the two designers behind and in Cambridgeshire. I love their style and edgy vibe - cool, creative, forward... The pendant light with the painting on the bottom is something I would definitely consider owning. I think though that lots of their papers and lights would be amazing in a cafe or retail space. I can see it now...

If you like what you see above you can view more in their .

(images: mineheart)