Lovely Home of Cotton & Milk Designer Justine Glanfield

I came across the darling home of Justine Glanfield last year - she is the founder of in England - and have been saving it for months in a file to eventually share on cattledogs. When I found photos of the home on the website today I knew to couldn't wait any longer so please see their for a complete home tour featuring her wonderful 5 story home. My favorite glimpses are below.

How charming to see something that almost could be a linen tablecloth doubling as a curtain? Adore this...

That balcony looks so inviting and by the way, opening a door or a window in a room that you are photographing is a trick used in interior styling that I practice more and more in my own styling work. It makes a space feel more inviting and gives a casual touch to the photo, too. What do you think? Imagine the door closed and tell me if it would be the same photo....

I like the many different surfaces and walls in this home - painted, brick, different types of wood, stains, it's lovely!

A gorgeous olive green vintage leather tufted sofa! A mouthful to say and an eyeful to behold.

Love the idea of using a former fireplace as a bookcase.

Based in Brussels, this English designer lives there with her son and partner and has such a gorgeously personal decorating style that seems so considered and yet full of detail while remaining simple and understated. What a beautiful, delicate balance to acheive! Her dining room and son Oscar's bedroom are my favorite spots and I adore everything that I see. So sweet and harmonious!

(images: milk/Muriel Frances/Louise Desrosiers)

Colorful Burnham Design

One of my favorite American interior designers is . I'm consistently lured in by her unique work and how personal her touch is - it is so very Betsy. I loved watching a video recently showing her in action (see below) as she dressed a window at a shop in LA called for the most recent event. When I taught a moodboard workshop at in LA last summer, Betsy joined me to share her tips and tricks and was a real crowd pleaser and I was honored big time, a memory I'll cherish for years!

Everyone loves Betsy, I know I'm a big fan. One look at her happy pattern-filled and really, how can you not?

(images: burnham design)

Rita in Palma

I was recently discovered a Turkish designer living in Berlin that made me swoon! The label is called and is mostly fashion accessories though I'd love to see some of her designs for cushions in the living room or as shower curtains or even panels for the window. Beautiful! I found some scarves from her collection that I love, love, LOVE that I need to show you because I imagine framing one for the wall, wouldn't that be lovely? Take a look...

Of course, I'm also impressed by her necklaces and bracelets which are a very fresh, modern interpretation of traditional Turkish embroidery. After my Istanbul vacation in 2010, I have been hoping to see more and more contemporary Turkish design take root and grow because I saw many beautiful things in tiny ateliers and shops that made my heart sing. With such a large Turkish population living in Germany, I'd ideally like to see more of this type of work being produced here locally -  it is so inspiring!

Via: Found today on page 47 of mag in Germany. A magazine I love by the way!

(images: rita in palma)

Artist Masanobu Hiraoka

When I spotted these videos from Japanese artist I was completely and utterly taken. What a beautiful display of art and music, so sensitive and colorful, deep yet light... What talent! Take a look at them please and see what you think..

What I find so inspiring about Masanobu is that this all comes completely natural and he learns on his own... He hasn't attended college showing that oftentimes our passion and talent needs no formal education but simply a will to follow through with our heart's desires.Sometimes we get stuck thinking we have to go back to school to pursue what we want so there is something on "paper" but not always...

A little more about his background can be found at Je Regarde, a French studio who reps his work, "Masanobu graduated from Momoyama high school (general education) in 2006. He then started to work but could not give up his dream : being an animator. He started to learn animation by himself and is a completely self-educated artist. He now lives and works in Tokyo as a free-lance animator in advertising or music video for clients such as UNIQLO. Next to this, he creates his own animations based on metamorphosis and strange or impossible motions he sets up in an unlikely reality."

How do these videos make you feel? What do they mean to you? 


Koskela in Sydney

Welcome to the first Shopgirl Visits column. My name is Jillian Leiboff, and I’m a photographer based in Sydney Australia. For the past 8 years I’ve been working part time as a photographer and whilst I started out shooting weddings, 3 years ago I started shooting shops and food for .

I thought Holly’s readers might be interested in seeing some of the shops I shot, so in June 2009 I reached out to her and she liked what she saw. After that, I started randomly submitting my images to cattledogs with my first recap being of the delightful Donna Hay store in Sydney. Holly has held a longtime love affair and fascination with Australian art & design but like most of you, isn't able to hop on a plane whenever she wants to go see it for herself. Showing it on cattledogs is the next best thing and that's what I can do since I'm based down here though like love to travel so you may see the random post pop up from my travels abroad. You may remember seeing some of my images of the iconic Parisian store Merci on cattledogs, for instance. If not, I'll list at the end of this post all of the stores that I've photographed which have appeared on cattledogs in the past so you can catch up! Please take a look!

A few months ago I was delighted when Holly asked if I’d like to write a monthly column for cattledogs called Shopgirl Visits. I was so excited I immediately began making a list of all the places I wanted to share with you. Each month I’ll be showing you shops (and the occasional artist studio, market and cafe where things can be purchased) that appeal to me and I hope to you. I’m always happy to get feedback so your suggestions are welcome.

For the first Shopgirl Visits column I’ve chosen the Sydney store, . Koskela is owned by Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky and their company designs and produces some of the beautiful furniture you see here. Koskela’s motto is, "Follow your heart, trust your judgment, do it with joy". It governs how they run their business and the types of people they work with and represent.

is one of the few stores in Australia that focuses on Australian designed and made products with a hand crafted element. Koskela stocks a collection of Australian made furniture, home wares, books and artwork for both adults and children. They recently moved from their premises in Surry Hills into a brand new showroom in Rosebery. As well as the showroom, the building is home to, probably the most popular eatery in Sydney - you can see and learn more about Kitchen By Mike in the video below...

The shop is housed in a former canning factory and it’s a huge light-filled space where many of the original warehouse features have been left intact. Koskela also has a gallery space and a workshop where people can learn new skills or crafts. Some of the best of Australian design is represented here and I particularly loved the children’s area. I was sorely tempted by some of the cute lights on display and was trying to think of a compelling reason to take one home with me.

"Follow your heart, trust your judgment, do it with joy"

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than having breakfast at Kitchen by Mike followed by a browse through Koskela. You can find Koskela at 1/85 Dunning Avenue Rosebery, Sydney. See you all again next month and don't forget to check out all of my shop posts on cattledogs listed below! - Jillian

Donna Hay General Store, Black & Spiro, Bison, ici et la, Empire Vintage, Studio of Ceramicist Samantha Robinson, Anthropologie (London), Merci (Paris), Albion (London), Miljo, The Finders Keepers Market, Cotton Love Home, davidmetnicole, Mud Australia and Astier de Villatte (Paris).

(photos: jillian leiboff with store permission)

DIY Drawer Art

Hello friends! How are you doing and how is your day? I got very good news that a new friend of mine will soon relocate from Paris to Berlin and so I'm very happy as I hope his move will result in us getting to see one another regularly! He is American like me so I am also curious to see how he settles in with learning all about German life & culture. Germany is the place to be more and more, so much is going on over here and the creative energy is amazing, contagious even... I'm so glad I moved here nearly 3 years ago because I really love it. It also makes me feel good when others move here to, it's validating somehow. Do you feel that way about certain things, like your faith in something was worth it? That you felt something and followed your heart? I don't want to rattle on and on so let me show you this DIY project that I made for you. I've been busy working but decided recently to create something for my wall since I wanted to add a little vignette of art to a lonely wall in my work studio. I thought I'd give you a step-by-step explanation as to how I did it because you may want to try something like it at home. I'm calling this Drawer Art. You'll soon see why! :)

If you try this, please let me know - I'd love to see your project. It's nice knowing when things inspire others and also encouraging because then I can show you more little ideas from my workshop. :)

(images: holly becker)