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Happy Weekend!

I'd like to wish you all a wonderful weekend! I'll see you on Monday and then I'm off to London until next Friday so I'll be blogging from my hotel next week. I'm looking forward to the trip, a little work and a little pleasure... but I'm bringing my laptop and plan to work in my room at night so I can stay in touch with everyone here on cattledogs. Until Monday, I'd like to encourage you to check out the cattledogs on Flickr with over 3,700 global members and nearly 7,000 photos of homes submitted by group members - bloggers, decorators, designers, budding stylists and everyone else - it's a and I invite you to check it out! In case you need encouragement, here is a sneak peek of some of the most recent member photos submitted to the pool.

Lovely colors for Spring, right? The bursts of yellow, pink and orange caught my eye. What do you see that resonates with you?

Have a nice weekend and I'll see you again on Monday. xo, Holly

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Happy Weekend To You!

It has been so nice to visit with you this week through these digital pages -- I have enjoyed connecting with each of you so much! It is now time for the weekend and I must sign off and do all of those weekend-y things that need to be done but I wanted to wish you well and hope that you have a very happy weekend!

Have a very nice & restful few days until we meet again and loads of love! xo, Holly.

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Happy Weekend!

I really like this video called Lost Things that I stumbled upon recently. It's been around forever, not sure where I HAVE BEEN (seriously?) but oh gee oh my it's a delicious way to spend 2 minutes of your time today. Let's call this, instead of Lost Things, the Happy Weekend song - shall we?

This video stars Fine Frenzy singer and was written & directed by and .

Enjoy and big hugs to you from me. xo

Meeting Sweet Paul

I recently met from Sweet Paul and he was so calm and well, yeah, sweet. I didn't know what to expect really, but I thought that it would be nice to meet him while I was in NYC so I took a shot of courage and sent him a message and said that I'd like to meet him in person and would he be interested in popping by the light studio where I was teaching in Soho to say hello. It was a long shot since we aren't really web friends and I've never really talked to him before, but I believe in just asking people for things because if you don't ask, you have no right to complain when stuff doesn't happen in your life. So I asked.

And I received. Paul Lowe walked in during our class and not only did I meet him, but he so nicely met lots of my students too who wanted to know more about my mystery guest - and for those who did know who he was, well they had a total "moment" -- I could tell.

Most of us are inspired by and like to see those who find success primarily from blogging as Paul has, I have, and so many others who began their career mostly by sharing their passions online first and then wham-o! It resulted in amazing things for their life and careers. Paul is incredibly talented and deserves his success and from my brief chat with him, he was very warm and polite but also grounded. He seems like someone that I would get on well with if I had only had spent more time chatting him up. But of course, I had a class to teach and so the Sweet Paul visit was quick but still deeply inspiring to me personally and I wish to thank him so much for stopping by to say hello. I've met some incredible people throughout my own blogging journey over the years and Paul was a highlight. Thanks, Paul.

I love these two spreads (above) as it really reminds me of the work of my favorite stylist, Dietlind Wolf in Germany whom I wrote about in January - she did the same thing with watercolors and food. is a known trendsetter in the world of food styling here in Germany. The two spreads above are by .

And with that, I'll shout out the recent issue of magazine (Spring 2012) with some images from it, and you can watch for it at Anthropologie stores sold nationwide and in the UK as it will arrive in printed fashion there very soon for Antho customers. Yay to Paul for scoring that collaboration, a huge win!

(images: sweet paul magazine)