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I taught a morning session at a recently and it was there that I made several new friends. Two lovely and talented German ladies really stood out as they are both authors, cooks, photographers and stylists (whoa!) and now - new bloggers! They are and together they've launched a blog and I love their concept. Check it out below...

"Every week, we will come together (virtually!) to challenge each other.  We will both cook the same recipe, then style it and photograph it. But far apart from each other… Liz in Münster (Germany), Jewels in New York. We do expect difficulties: and exactly that tempts us! Will we find the same ingredients, how much does the dish cost in Germany, how much in the US? Will Liz find and use the same brown sugar as Jewels? Will we interpret the recipe the same way? When two people follow the same recipe, will they actually end up eating the same dish? Whatever comes out of it: We will share it with you. And we want you to participate by giving us ideas for recipes. Tell us what to cook or bake next!" - cool blog idea, right? I love it.

If you think a food blog like this may interest you, make sure to visit Liz & Jewels . Congrats on your new blog, ladies!

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NEW House Doctor Collection for Fall/Winter 2012

I love the moody elegance that has introduced for their Fall/Winter 2012 Moments Collection. A special thank you to my friend, Tinna Pedersen from , who is the House Doctor agent for Germany, for sending me their new catalog. It's lovely and inspiring. I'm not quite ready to snuggle in for the winter yet, but seeing this collection already has me dreaming about that cozy feeling that I enjoy creating at home in the winter with candles, throws, and through the layering of rugs and blankets.

I was reading somewhere that copper and gold will make a come back for Fall/Winter this year. What do you think? I'm seeing hints of that already and look forward to seeing more, especially copper as I have a current crush on copper combined for neon colors and peach. Such a great and unexpected combination of colors!

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Something Red

Hello cattledogs readers! It's me, , and I'm here to post a little something red for you for my Playing With Food column... A few months ago, I went down to the south of France to the home of my grandparents. They live near the sea Méditteranée, in a region called l'Herault. There, the sun shines almost all year, the weather is warm, the sky is often blue, and the village is surrounded by fields and vineyards. It's so nice!

Going for a walk, we came across a field that was so special as it was a vast field of poppies! Like red paint in the fields, it was magical! The wind blew the flowers and a kind of red wave was rippling in the wind, just amazing!

I stopped for a moment, and the next day I returned with a wicker basket. We sat near the fields, we had cookies (shortbread specific region) with strawberries that I had prepared the day before by marinating them in a mixture of thyme and sugar, and we took the time to snack while enjoying the beautiful poppy fields.

This visit gave me a new idea for my column on cattledogs, Playing with Food! Why not occasionally include some articles with colors that inspire me? So I searched red food ideas to add to the theme.

I picked cherries from the garden and I made small meringues, accompanied by a chocolate mousse and a cherry. I also picked a lot of raspberries (it's finally summer, there are plenty in the garden! YUMMY!), made tarts, and then I ended up with a few cupcakes with red cream icing, of course!

All this reminds me of this pretty poppy fields, the one who made me realize that summer was finally here! What color is inspiring you lately? Any colors that you have noticed popping up often in your dishes at home that you're preparing lately?

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New cattledogs!

I'm so happy to share with you the redesign of my blog, cattledogs! I decided to change it awhile ago but never made the time until earlier this year when I thought, "Enough is enough - time for change!" and have been working with in London, Mark Wilson's firm, along with illustrator , to spruce up my site. I'm so grateful to see the completion of this project today and while we're still building some of the pages, I'm so happy with it. Mark also redesigned my so that everything works together and I am so pleased.

I particularly loved Mark's idea to add a Decorate It! feature (to your right) so you as the reader can customize the background. Try it, it's fun! I think I'll change these from time to time but for now, the patterns are really nice I think and the overall site looks and feels like me so I'm very happy with it. I wanted something very easy to navigate, uncluttered and more professional looking without losing the handmade, tactile touches that I love so much.

I hope you like my new logo and the new cattledogs blog - I'm so happy to reveal it! Thank you Mark and Simon from , illustrator and my husband who worked closely with Mark and Simon from beginning to end.

Removable Wallpaper and Decals by The Wall Sticker Company

I came across some great wallpaper and wall decals that are both totally removable and thought that I couldn't skip sharing these gems  today from . I adore the geometric patterns and how clean and simple they look while still managing to spruce up a space in a most beautiful way. For renters, this is a dream come true!

The Wall Sticker Company is based out of Australia but ships worldwide and has been in business since 2006. They create a range of wall sticker and wallpapers for homes, businesses, commercial spaces and schools and also have guest designers from around the world design ranges for them too.

Do you see any favorites?

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Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! To those of you in the states, it's the 4th - yeah! Have fun celebrating our day of Independence. Living abroad on the 4th is the hardest for me because I once loved how Boston came together for the gorgeous concert and fireworks on the 4th on the Charles River. I really miss going there with my friends. It's amazing to me how close home is to my heart yet in reality, how far away I really am! How are you doing today?

I've gone a bit MIA, I know... Missing in action. And for that, I am truly sorry. I've been very busy, a bit too much, and I've finally wrapped up my next book. I wrote the final page yesterday and today, I am sorting out the photo credits and directory. It's been a massive undertaking! In addition to that, I've been teaching nearly 700 students online in my Blogging Your Way e-course for the past 5 weeks. It's been lovely and today is my last lesson there. I love teaching online and am so grateful that I hired three amazing women and bloggers, , and , to stand by my side and work along with me to teach this dynamic, exciting class. Thank you ladies SO MUCH. I love the community that BYW has built and the many meet-ups BYW students are having in spots all over the world from London to San Francisco.

So... What is inspiring you lately? I am inspired by large-scale floral patterns, polka dots, vanilla nail polish sent to me from a friend in Denmark, my friend new business cards and blog redesign, and how beautiful the new lavender on my balcony looks and smells - it's the simple things, right?

I miss you all, soo sooooo much. I will be regularly writing here daily next week and going forward. My online class is wrapping up, my German language course is soon to end, my lecture in Wiemar is this Saturday and my second book is finished - now I can return to you on a full-time schedule once again.

With love, Holly xo