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Jason Grant for Murobond Paint

Ah, lazy summer days.... I'm a fan of Australian stylist and love that he's been working with Aussie paint company, , to develop color lines because it's something I'd love to do myself. Who wouldn't, right!? I think that aside from forecasting trend colors and selecting them, the next most exciting bit must be naming the colors and then applying them to walls and things to show how the colors appear in-situ. I think Jason pretty much has a dream job!

The 4th Love To Paint collection for Murobond by Jason Grant is called "Gone Fishing" and according to Jason it, "Conjures up notions of summer escapes and getting away from the city. Rela over the summer months never far from the shore line." Inspired by nature and the nautical, combining soft earthy neutrals, seas greens and ocean blues with a few pops of punchy reds and pinks, all in his signature style, this collection with fun names like tippy toes, jelly fish, pelican, basket and shack, is all about dreamy coastal adventures. Gorgeous!

PSST: This collection officially launches on Thursday, September 6th - so you've seen it first on cattledogs! :) Later, you can learn more about it .

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Colorful Burnham Design

One of my favorite American interior designers is . I'm consistently lured in by her unique work and how personal her touch is - it is so very Betsy. I loved watching a video recently showing her in action (see below) as she dressed a window at a shop in LA called for the most recent event. When I taught a moodboard workshop at in LA last summer, Betsy joined me to share her tips and tricks and was a real crowd pleaser and I was honored big time, a memory I'll cherish for years!

Everyone loves Betsy, I know I'm a big fan. One look at her happy pattern-filled and really, how can you not?

(images: burnham design)

Julia Bostock Photography

I recently received a most lovely friend request on Facebook from London-based photographer . Have you heard of her before? When I clicked over to her website to view her portfolio I was captivated by the things that I saw.

Julia has an incredibly sensitive eye when she shoots, from the way she captures light so softly to how natural the children look that she shoots (never stiff or catalog-y), I am really keen on her work and wanted to point you over to this talented photographer today. Though her work is primarily based on children and lifestyle, I couldn't help but think it fits cattledogs nicely given the moods of those I've selected as some of my very favorites. I hope that you enjoy them too.

It's nice to see how the pros are photographing children these days, isn't it? There are so many variations, some approach it very naturally while others meticulously pose their subjects perfectly. I imagine those of you out there who are mothers have already found your photographic style when it comes to taking shots of your little ones. What is your style when shooting? Have you ever given it much thought? Are you children often posing or looking into the lens or do you tend to sneak up on them and catch moments as they occur, when the child is playing or dancing around - perhaps without even noticing that you are there capturing their very special magic?

I often wonder how I'll photograph my future kids and I imagine most likely like I style interiors - with a very spontaneous, casual approach without a great deal of planning. I like to capture the moment as it is and not go through a lot to 'create' the moment. It's interesting to think about though, isn't it?

Have a lovely few hours, I'll be back a bit later today with a few more posts before the weekend! xo, Holly

(images: julia bostock with permission)

NEW: Dottir & Sonur

This company hasn't been blogged yet, in fact they just released their line 3 days ago! I was so pleasantly surprised to come across this fabulous new brand because they are not only beautiful and on trend but these talented Icelandic designers live in nearby Berlin! Small world! Tinna and her partner Ingvir head up , a multidisciplinary design firm specializing in products for the home. This is very hot off the press so enjoy this premiere peek!

Ingvi and Tinna met nearly 8 years ago and have collaborated on lots of projects, experimenting with everything from corporate identity to web design and now product design. Ingvi is a web developer and designer and Tinna has a masters in packaging design and they live in Berlin with their little ones, Hjalmar and Solveig. I am in love with the shown above, it's amazing!

I also like that they've got a little origami-inspiration action going on as this is a growing trend in design motifs and I find origami just lovely and so fresh used in this way. Currently, their products are only available on their or by ing Tinna directly at: order AT but they are looking for retailers to take them on so them if you have a shop and you're interested!

Spread the word about Dottir & Sonur, I'd love to see more of their work because I think they're very talented!

(images: dottir & sonur)

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The Very Dear Emily Chalmers

Today I want to share one of the most talented flea market junkies that I know, London-based author, shop owner and stylist . Her work has made a difference in my life and in how I look at interiors. She really stands out as one of my top 10 favorite creative women. I've always loved the finer details but through her, I've come to appreciate the little things even more that can be easily overlooked in the hustle bustle of the everyday. Some of most cherished collection of books in my library are yours, which have served as my primary connection to your marvelous brain and have given me loads of joy and inspiration. Through Emily, I've learned how to delight in more than just the beautiful "perfect" things that as an American, I am naturally drawn towards -- my culture is all about perfect packaging and perfectly made crafts and perfect looking interiors (being part of the Martha Stewart generation).

Through her book, Flea Market Style, so many (me included) felt set free from all of the poshness that exists in interior design and instead, were exposed to a world where perfectly symmetrical and stuffy rooms are unknown and instead, rebellious rooms with plenty of quirk and character are the norm. All who know her work are well aware that she was there celebrating this trend of imperfect interiors long before it became cool to publicly confess to liking it. In fact in 2005, her book introduced so many to the chic side of Flea Market Style and after that, there was no looking back. To me, she is pioneer of flea market style, granny chic and boho chic.

Her eye and talent have given so much to so many and I hope that she recognizes this. So often as a pioneer of a movement, it's easy to feel like you've been left behind by what you yourself started. She may or may not feel this way, I don't know, but I feel this way sometimes as a blogger as I enter my 7th year of doing this "professionally" and sometimes wonder if anyone remembers that I was writing in this space long before it was cool or the press gave a damn about me or what I had to say. I remember writing 10 articles a day on this blog during a time when few people even read design blogs. I didn't know where it would lead me but I had a desire to connect and share and get noticed so that I could one day write for magazines. I know other "old school" bloggers like me who are reading this right now wagging their heads thinking of those early days when blogging didn't have any drop of coolness associated with it. Today it seems everyone wants a piece of the blogging pie and for good reason, it's a great pie! It takes a true love affair though with what one is doing to stick through it through the "thin" because god knows it's easy to love it while it's "thick", isn't it? But I digress...

But yes, it's easy to forget how key Emily was to what is happening today in interiors. She is one who paved the way for so many closet flea market junkies to come out with confidence and share their own love for granny chic, homespun, flea market and the fabulous mix of old and new. I see so much of her work in the work and even retail spaces of others. What an amazing thing for her to witness all of this - she can see what has become of her willingness and courage to share her vision and how it's taken off. Her courage to go out there and tell the world what she thinks and loves really rocks.

I'm also so inspired by the many intricate pieces that make up the whole of who Emily is, from her sweet emails to how she made a special effort to meet me at my book launch in London. Her reputation is unblemished - everyone who has met Emily says she is gracious, generous and a kind and caring soul. This means a lot because it's not common in interiors to find down-to-earth people who happen to be trendsetters. She uses good old-fashioned warmth, talent, hard work and honesty to advance herself and I admire that. Emily is the real deal!

Emily, you have made an enormous difference to me and so many others and if you didn't know this already, well now you do.

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Creative Ideas From Stylist Sania Pell

London-based stylist and author rocks my world. She has become a good friend of mine and I am lucky enough to get lots of Sania time whenever I'm in London for crafting, shopping, chatting, eating and visits to other lovely friends along the way, like our recent visit with Emma Cassi that she so nicely arranged. I first met online, thanks to my book review of her debut title, The Homemade Home, and shortly thereafter we met for dinner in London and it's been a great friendship ever since that lovely evening over a year ago now. TGFB! Thank Goodness For Blogging!

I'm so excited that in the Spring, her next lovely book will release, The Homemade Home For Children, though it is now ready to (yeah!). It focuses primarily on crafting for and with your children but even non-parents like me will buy the book and apply the 50 projects to things in my own home or use it for ideas to share with friends who have kids. Sania is nothing short of pure inspiration (magic!) to me and to her many fans.

You also have to visit her blog, , because there she shares her own photography and many amazing projects that she posts each week. I love her recent posts on adding hand-painted to flowers (brilliant!), , and this she made using sheer fabric, some leather, thread and fabric.

What an amazing lady, do visit her and also pre-order her book because trust me... You will love it! I've seen a bulk of the projects in it (she showed them to me as she was making them for the book) and you are in for a huge treat. If you think her blog is amazing, the book will blow your mind.

(images: sania pell)