Dutch Sky Wallpaper by Little Owl

I heard from Little Owl yesterday about some lovely new wallpaper they've produced called . About the inspiration they write, "Choosing the ever changing patterns of the Dutch sky as a starting point, we have merged the art of antique prints and etchings with our own photography, some of which include whimsical details of industrial cranes, wind socks and chimney tops, to create an appealing mix of tradition and 21st Century sensibility and technology into printed wallpaper". The Dutch Sky collection has three different designs, each with a different mood and colorway and is printed in Holland by one of the leading printing companies there.

Little Owl not only sells it on but in the Winter of 2012 you can find it at in Paris and in the Spring of 2013, will stock it as well.

Isn't this cool!? Storm and Summer blues, shown above, are my favorite colorways. What do you think about this paper, would you use it on your walls or at home in some other way? How?

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Bloggers With Shops

Hello everyone! I'm Holly's friend from Hamburg and my name is Stefanie. Holly reads my blog regularly and recently fell in love with a post I'd written about concerning a trend I've noticed with bloggers over in this part of the world lately. I write on my blog in German and so she proposed that I take a post from my blog, translate it, and write it for you over here on cattledogs in English. Great idea, right? So here I am talking to you today about a trend that I think is pretty cool - Bloggers who become shop owners and sell products that they love. My former boss used to say, "If you have three examples of a movement – you have enough evidence for a new trend!”. Since I found FOUR bloggers who became shop owners I’m proud to present this new trend! Isn’t it a lovely concept? I would love to open my own shop immediately, wouldn’t you too? I would have an office within the shop and a cute kitchen – everything would be in the same style. I would offer the best coffee and cookies and chat with those who come to visit me and would give them more good shopping tips, addresses of fantastic restaurants, etc. During the time when the shop is slow, I would work on my blog and other projects. Ohhh, I could start with it this minute. But let’s see how some great lady bloggers did it first...

Case Study #1: Mary Scherpe is the very successful blogger behind “” and she opened her first pop-up-store for nine days in October in Berlin Mitte on Mulackstraße. She sold a few of her favorite brands like Michael Sonntag, Raphael Hauber and nail polish from Usula Airlines. She also had some great paper bags where she stamped her blog logo. (I would love to have these too!) The shop was such a success that Mary is considering trying another pop-up shop very soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Case Study #2: and fashion blogger, , opened her permanent concept store, von hey, in Berlin a few weeks ago located at Brunnenstraße 158. She sells her own designs, but also the beautiful clutch collection of fashion designer , the denim pillows of designer , and one of my favorite designers for dresses – , along with other very interesting things. What makes this shop super special is that Alexa is such a lovely lady who is happy to give you tips for other shops, restaurants, etc. so please go and visit her soon! (Images via spruced.us)

Case Study #3: Hanne and Stephanie Gundlach opened their concept store in Copenhagen this March located at Bregade 56. Stephanie is one of the three ladies who blog on - one of the most popular fashion blogs in Denmark. At B56 you will find a very good selection of the upcoming Scandinavian designers.

And Case Study #4 is: The interior stylist and blogger who opens her shop (which includes her office - now you see where I got this idea from) in Stockholm (Radmansgatan 7) only on Thursdays. Again, ONLY ON THURSDAYS. I was there on a Friday and she didn’t let me in. So if you don’t want to be so disappointed like I was, go there on a Thursday. Because as soon as you see all the lovely Scandinavian decor that she has in her shop – you will want it all, I promise!

So, do you wanna open your own shop now too? I would love to hear your ideas how you would do it. First, let me ask Holly because I know she has had a concept now since 2006 when she first started her blog and decided to relocate to Germany. She's wanted to have a shop since she was a child though - her first retail storefront was actually a day spa that she opened along with her mother in Swampscott, Massachusetts when she was only 16-years-old (working only part-time) but spas weren't her thing and she'd often peek around the corner hanging out in the flower and gift shop dreaming of owning her own pretty boutique that she'd like to have someday, too...

Steffi: Holly, what's your blogger-as-shop-owner concept?

Holly: I'd love to move my home studio to a storefront retail space in Hannover where I can keep teaching my workshops, write my books and blog but also open only on two Saturdays per month and when I'm open, I'd offer very special products from America, the UK, Australia, Japan and of course, Europe. I'd also invite some friends to create very special collections just for my shop and what I didn't sell in-store, I'd sell in a small and special online shop curated by me. I'd have a few buckets of fresh flowers but only very special ones. During my two open days per month, I'd offer brownies and cupcakes and other "American" goodies, put on inspiring music that I love or ask a friend to come by and play acoustic guitar, light candles and make everything feel very cozy and charming. When my shop is open, I'd have a reading corner for children and would read for them some of my favorite illustrated books in English to introduce them to books from America, the UK and Australia but also to expose them to English as most toddlers and very young children don't learn English until later on in school so it would be fun to show them "my" world because I find lots of people in my local community are really open to other cultures and parents here are really keen on raising bilingual or trilingual children. I would also do a themed shop window each month to inspire my local community. I'd host once monthly designer/blogger meet ups too on the first Friday of the month to gather together creatives living in Hannover. When the store is closed, I'd still be present in the shop shooting photos for my blog, working on book ideas and writing, blogging, teaching my online classes and of course, continuing my in-person workshops that I love to do so much. That's my concept! I already have a few shops in mind that I'm waiting for (hoping they become vacant) so we'll see what happens in the future. I'm patient!

Now readers, tell me about YOUR blogger shop ideas??? Have you opened a shop yourself? Been involved in a pop-up concept? - Steffi

French Apple Cake Recipe

Hello cattledogs readers! It's me Emilie again. Twice in one day, it's a treat for me but a bigger treat for you because I have a delicious recipe to share from my father that I told you about last month... So many of you (nearly 100!) wrote in requesting it so here is the recipe for apple cake from our French kitchen here in Paris.

This is your list from the grocery store, you will need:

2 eggs 3 apples 100 grams of sugar 100 grams of flour 15 cubes of sugar 50 grams butter 50 grams of oil 1 packet of yeast

In a mold, place 15 cubes of sugar. Put this dish over a fire, and let the sugar melt to form a caramel. Be careful - it is hot! Turn the mold so that the caramel spreads well. Peel and cut the apples into chunks, put them in the mold. Mix all other ingredients and arrange on apples. Bake at 180 ° C for 35 to 40 minutes.

That's it!


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Golden October

Hello everyone, it's your roving reporter and monthly cattledogs columnist from Paris, Emilie! Are you well? Warm? Under a blanket with a hot chocolate? Because fall is here and this is a season that I love because the colors and autumn light is so wonderful, magical even.

I just returned from a trip to Canada, where the color of the trees was really amazing. We stayed in a small cottage on a lake, and I let myself get carried by the softness of this beautiful season.

For this month's edition of Playing With Food, I was inspired by my friend Judikaela because she had prepared some food for us while we were away. The meal consisted of a delightful with roasted carrots and beets and it was simply delicious! For dessert, we feasted upon , equally delicious. The colors of the food inspired me so once again I got out my camera and let my fingers click, click, click to capture the mood of the month - golden October.

The sweetness of this moment, the sunset over the trees of red and gold, it was a magical moment! Does autumn inspires you? Why? - Emilie

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14MPR Charming Rental For Your Next London Stay

As promised, I'd like to share with you the lovely property that London-based interiors photographer, , has been working on all summer with her family. They've created a beautiful little nook called that you can rent during your next visit to London. It's a lovely space and gives you more than any London hotel for the money - a small kitchen, a place to sleep, a private patio, a bathroom and easy access to London. This hasn't been blogged yet as she just opened her doors, so I'm happy to debut it here on cattledogs and wish Debi loads of lovely guests! You can book this property directly through Debi or her through Facebook on the .

I love how Debi used vintage and modern objects and stuck to a very h palette of greens and blues with a smattering of yellow and warm woods. It's very fresh and inspiring and is nice for both men and women - it has personality, don't you think?

If you happen to inquire about this rental property, please tell Debi that you found it via cattledogs - she is very selective about her guests and would love to have blog readers and friends who appreciate her beautiful property - in other words, not just anyone can stay here. Thank you!

Inquire: [email protected] Facebook:

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Debi Treloar's London Home

I have two posts to dedicate today to one of the best interiors photographers in the world, . Debi has photographed both of my books, Decorate and Decorate Workshop (which releases in the UK in mere days), and working with her on both projects was always a joy. From the first shot which was in Sweden back in April 2010, until our last shoot, which was in my home in April 2012, we had a nice two years working together on two books and I'm so proud that she was part of both projects.

Debi is a breeze to work with and always so professional but in a laid back way, so even though she knows what she's doing, she is still quite chill in the process which makes it nice for those working around her as time with Debi doesn't feel stressful or over-bearing. It's nice to work with someone at the top of their field who has such patience and charm. In this post, you can see some pics of Debi's beautiful home which radiates her personality perfectly. She rents her home out as a location space () via Light Locations for shoots but primarily, this is where she lives with her lovely family. I think she decorates with soul and so much joy and I just love her style - it is so inspiring to see how she uses color and pattern, too. No fear! Visiting Debi is always such a treat because her home is also always changing - she adds or takes away bits and makes it more charming each time. It's always nice to see what she's up to and she adores turquoise and pink and really embraces her inner girly, bohemian rock star and I think that's way cool.

In my next post, I'll share something else special and very dear to Debi, her new rental property that she leases out to stylish guests, blog readers and anyone else looking for a sweet little studio escape to stay in on their visit to London. I can't wait to show you what she spent the summer working on - it's lovely. Back in a moment!

While I'm working on the post, please check out her beautiful blog - .

(images: debi treloar)