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Coming Soon: Kate Spade Saturday

I've heard a faint buzz over the past few months that will soon launch a new lifestyle brand called - have you heard this too? Then recently the rumors were confirmed in Elle magazine and it's true --Ohhhh, exciting!

According to Elle, "Kate Spade is bringing a bit of weekend fun to your wardrobe and home decor with its new lifestyle brand, . The line will first debut in Tokyo in February and then in the U.S. for Spring 2013." This looks like Kate's hip little sister, doesn't it? Very fresh and energetic and BRIGHT! I've read in other spots around the web that the line will priced a bit lower, too. Sounds good to me.

In addition to fashion, they're also planning a home and tabletop collection. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. From the photos I've seen online, the collection is very bold, graphic and mostly primary colors like yellow, red and blue but also tons of monochromatic love mi crisp white with bold black.

I can't wait to find out more about this collection and to finally SEE with my own eyes what all the fuss is about... What do you think based on what you've seen and heard so far? 

Speaking of Kate Spade, have you seen the they are doing? Super cute and available in February. Also, do you own a copy of their new book, ""? It just arrived from Amazon today, I'm in love with it! Check out to see picks from inside.

(images: kate spade saturday)

Inspiring Spaces By Debi Treloar

I adore interiors that feel very serene and unpretentious, naturalness wins over perfectly polished for me. and I think each of these five beautiful rooms shot by photographer are perfect examples of what I mean.

I believe this one is from beautiful book. Stunning.

I was so super pleased to see that my friend has a shiny and I really, really love it. Her work is exquisite and she's a beautiful person through and through. I only hope that someday again I'll be able to work with her because I'm already having a bit of Debi withdrawal, we did two books together and I got to know her so well that now I'm missing the experience of traveling and laughing and having long, meaningful chats and just working with someone so incredibly gifted. , you're the bees knees.

(images: debi treloar)

Gretchen Jones & Her Cool Apartment

Make it work! Are you a fan? Who isn't, right? Okay so maybe you know by now that the winner from last season was fashion designer (also a !). Her rocker chic bohemian-ness is so cool I think but it goes wayyyy beyond her fashion sense - this lady lives how she feels and dresses - effortless style is just her way of life. I love her Brooklyn apartment, there is a massive spread on today all about it with 24 photos so this is only a peeky peek. Her moody blue-gray walls make her artwork really stand out. I also like how she uses some of her canvas pieces as mini-ledges to display collected elements.

All of the art and pattern in her apartment is quite cool - very eclectic and anything goes. To see more photos, including her closet and bedroom, . These gorgeous photos were shot by .

(images: refinery29 & maia harms)

Mit Essen spielt man

It's so interesting to see what people are doing in the world of food photography, cooking events and food packaging. This whole world of food is something that I love to follow because it ties in closely to what I do and I find a ton of crossover between styling interiors and styling food. So many things that work for interiors also work for food and vice versa. Do you find this too?

I learned this first hand when I was lecturing at a Food Styling & Photography class this past summer in Weimar, Germany. I was able to apply my knowledge of interiors to food styling and the students definitely enjoyed my take as my personal experiences and overall perspective felt very fresh to them. Like anything, if you are only getting advice from peers, you can quickly dry up or become bored. You may begin to notice too much repetition or "inspired" work and after awhile this can be very draining and frustrating. Everyone tries to be different in the exact same way! This is precisely why I like to learn from those in other creative professions in addition to my own because then your mind stays open and your ideas are always being challenged and therefore, freshened. Do you feel the same way?

I would like to share something with you today that I fell upon while doing some random Googling and was surprised to learn that this fascinating company called (this is German and means Play With Food) belongs to a creative lady from Hannover, Germany who lives in a nearby district called Linden. I also live in Hannover (in the List) and love finding other creatives who live here and share my passions - it is very exciting! The talented lady behind Mit Essen spielt man is Lina Meyer who runs a small design and cooking studio out of a small building behind her apartment and enjoys, through her concepts and workshops, teaching others to really taste food when they are eating - to pull it apart and have fun, to be in the moment and to savor it.

Lina says, "Food is a very exciting process, it is a very sensual and intimate experience. What we eat has a cultural value for us, supporting us in our identity and our way of life, tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are." Wonderful!

I love her recent Playing With Food dinner party that she had out of her studio space in Hannover - I hope she'll have another because I would love to attend!

This is such an inspiration to see. Wow!

(images: Mit Essen spielt man and - the illustrations were done by Hannover-based artist, .)

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Jason Grant for Murobond Paint

Ah, lazy summer days.... I'm a fan of Australian stylist and love that he's been working with Aussie paint company, , to develop color lines because it's something I'd love to do myself. Who wouldn't, right!? I think that aside from forecasting trend colors and selecting them, the next most exciting bit must be naming the colors and then applying them to walls and things to show how the colors appear in-situ. I think Jason pretty much has a dream job!

The 4th Love To Paint collection for Murobond by Jason Grant is called "Gone Fishing" and according to Jason it, "Conjures up notions of summer escapes and getting away from the city. Rela over the summer months never far from the shore line." Inspired by nature and the nautical, combining soft earthy neutrals, seas greens and ocean blues with a few pops of punchy reds and pinks, all in his signature style, this collection with fun names like tippy toes, jelly fish, pelican, basket and shack, is all about dreamy coastal adventures. Gorgeous!

PSST: This collection officially launches on Thursday, September 6th - so you've seen it first on cattledogs! :) Later, you can learn more about it .

(Photography: )

Colorful Burnham Design

One of my favorite American interior designers is . I'm consistently lured in by her unique work and how personal her touch is - it is so very Betsy. I loved watching a video recently showing her in action (see below) as she dressed a window at a shop in LA called for the most recent event. When I taught a moodboard workshop at in LA last summer, Betsy joined me to share her tips and tricks and was a real crowd pleaser and I was honored big time, a memory I'll cherish for years!

Everyone loves Betsy, I know I'm a big fan. One look at her happy pattern-filled and really, how can you not?

(images: burnham design)