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NEW: A Creative Mint for Cloud9 Fabrics

Hello everyone! Before I say goodbye for the weekend and get ready for the big show tomorrow night (yay!), I want to share something that is quite exciting to me... And near to my heart. As many of you know, Leslie Shewring from has been a friend of mine for over four years and we've been working together on this and that - currently a book - and for several years she has been writing her column for cattledogs. She has been taking some time off from the column recently because she was hard at work on hand-painting patterns soon to be launched as her brand new fabric line for . I'm extremely proud of her as I'm sure you are too. Here are her new patterns to launch this Fall  - aren't they gorgeous?

From the Cloud9 site about this collection, "This delicate watercolor voile collection by Leslie Shrewing of A Creative Mint, was inspired by where she use to live in Palos Verdes, CA. The warm blush tones of the sandy and clay packed earth along with the architectural patterns inspired by some of the local sites. She was also in awe of the endless array of wildflowers that grew all over the hillsides and down the trails to the beach." I can't wait to own all 6 of these and am thrilled for Leslie!

What do you think? Are you in love???

(images: cloud9)

Happy Weekend!

I have so much to write about today, lots of great stories, but I'm tired so I'm going to take a blog break since I have loads of prep work to do for next week! What is happening next week??? Ohhhh fun times!  My dear friend and creative partner-in-crime, , will fly to Hannover to work with me for a week! We begin the styling and photography part of our book next week and I can't wait! It will be very satisfying to see our ideas come to light and she and I work so beautifully together that I know nothing but love will go into this project which will show in the work, I'm sure. Creative work is like that, you get out what you put in it emotionally. I've been very busy ordering props and getting what is needed in order for us to make a huge dent in this project with her and well, it's Friday afternoon and I'm tired after running around all week. I want to have a glass of white wine after my final skype meeting today and chill out. You know that feeling, right? When you just need to rest and get yourself mentally prepared for a huge project? It's funny, I felt today like I really needed fresh flowers - but nothing from the store - something wild. And I was thinking where in the world I would find them as you can't just run into someone else's yard with a pair of scissors, right? So after my husband and I went on a lunch date, there was this random lady selling lilacs on the street that she cut from her yard - a bunch for only 2 Euros, and well... I couldn't resist. And I couldn't believe it. Look at these beauties in deep purple and a pale violet...

My home smells like a dream. That is definitely enough to make a weekend more beautiful, isn't it? And so affordable and special. I love that this stuff happens when you need it the most. I was really craving fresh cut blooms and these are just perfect. They looked so pretty wrapped in newspaper with their perky blooms peeking out as we walked home. I kept thinking of how much it's those little moments in life that mean more than anything else. The simple things. Do you find this too? Like things happen at the right time and often you are struck by the fact that they were the easiest and most simple things?

And by the way, the trick with preserving floral branches is to either cut an "X" at the bottom of the stem to open them up or hammer the bottoms lightly. You want to spread the bottom of the stem so they can drink water easily. As we were walking, this lady came out of her little clothing shop and told my husband how to preserve them longer - out of the blue - she just walked out from her shop and explained to him how to gently hammer them. I just smiled. I love my town. I love openness and caring and simple, beautiful little things. I hope you can find something simple and beautiful to cheer you this weekend too. Try hard to find something while your out and about that is cheap or free but that warms your heart and take note of what it is. That way, the next time you need a lift, you have a note of what lifted your spirits the time before. For me, it's always flowers, good friends and well, the love we feel from others who care.

It is a holiday here in Germany on Monday, so I'm taking off, but I'll be back on Tuesday to blog so I'll meet you back here then. Have a wonderful weekend!

(images: holly becker)

Ceramics by Shan Annabelle Valla

I love white ceramic keys, don't you?! I started to fall in love when I was working with my dear friend in March 2011 on a display we were prepping for and she was showing me her vintage key collection that she picked up at car boot sales... The ones she had painted gray. Such a clever lady. And being a creative person, this also set my creative wheels in motion! I started thinking about how great they'd look in matte white and so I painted one that I had at home and it looked just like ceramic and I was a fan ever since. Now, whenever I'm shopping at flea markets, I love to grab old keys and paint them in white or neon colors and add them to lampshades, frame them as art, or pop onto ribbon and add as a decorative accessory. All because of Sania and her small, but great, idea.

In 2012, I came across the work of in London at a show I attended there and instantly fell in love with her ceramic keys. See this one below, this is from Shan's collection and I love it.

These aren't painted-over vintage keys from some car boot sale, rather, handmade porcelain that is simply gorgeous and keys that anyone would love to own and display. I am equally captivated by her mini vases, which I photographed and shared on cattledogs awhile ago, but these photos below are so much better! You can shop for Shan Annabelle Valla's work online in her , so enjoy!

I dare you not to buy all of those cute little vases! Eek! Design crush alert! And did you see these porcelain button earrings ? OH MY!

(images: Shan Annabelle Valla)

Follow cattledogs on Bloglovin + Feedly

With the news that Google Reader will be killed off, I've reactivated my Bloglovin account so if you'd like to please do! I've also set up an account with - have you tried it yet? I really like the clean, well-designed minimalistic interface - I can breath there and actually enjoy reading my favorite blogs again! Here is a screenshot of Feedly below...

Much nicer to look at than the eye sore that is Google+!


Brooke Holm Photography

I just have to share a tiny glimpse of the portfolio belonging to in Melbourne, Australia. I've noticed her work pinned on Pinterest a few times but never really knew who was behind the gorgeous imagery until now... I thought I'd highlight her here to share with all of you.

Beautiful! Her portfolio fits so , don't you think? Ok maybe that is a little cheesy because it's the Twilight song but I think the mood is lovely and the lyrics are too. and play the song at the same time. Really nice together, right? Not too super cheesy. :)

(images: brooke holm)

The Woodsfolk

I was super inspired by a post Lucy wrote over at yesterday about a new shop in Melbourne, Australia called . You have to visit Lucy's blog to see the full monty but wow, this place made me so excited because it's hard to find shops like this - it's like a living, breathing blog or Pinterest board.

I think photographer did such a great job shooting this shop. I want to call the store and order everything I see - too bad Germany is like a million light years away from Melbourne or I'd be broke but living very large. :)

I love their cushions, old school label maker from South Korea and the feather garlands - so cute!

(photos: except bottom image, via woodsfolk)