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Stylist Luke Edward Hall

I was recently introduced to , a British interior designer, prop stylist, illustrator and protege of Ben Pentreath, and found his new line of home decor so very English and inspiring. My favorites are the "Delicious" plates and the hand drawn tiger cushions. Here is a glimpse of some of his styling and illustration work below along with a photo of him from a great story I read in  mag. I've included some shots from his too since I found it very inspirational to follow.

"Luke Edward Hall (25) is an interior designer, stylist and illustrator. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2012 with a degree in Menswear Fashion Design, Luke and two like-minded friends ran Fox and Flyte, a thriving online antiques shop. Combining his passion for design and retail, Luke founded his eponymous range of homewares and fabrics in 2014 and has been carefully growing his interior empire into a full home offering. Luke also currently works in the interior decoration department of the acclaimed architectural designer Ben Pentreath, in London’s Bloomsbury and is about to launch a new collection of illustrated plates through his ."

This moody dark English style is so appealing to me. My father used to own an English pub (in addition to his daytime career) and the bar was shipped over from England to South Carolina where we lived and it was such a moody, dark place that the locals really loved. I used to go there every day after school and wait for my mother to bring me home since she managed it during the day, and I remember it being such a cozy space in all of the dark moody greens, navy, burnt umber, dark red, mustard... Leathers and woods. Very Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch version).

It was such a contrast to our family home, which was light, bright and very colorful like my mother. It was even in such contrast to the neighborhood - a beachfront community. You could escape the sunshine for the pub and instantly feel like you were on vacation in England ordering a pint. My father's family has English blood, which was why he had such a passion for opening a place like that. Whenever I see spaces like this, I think fondly of my father and his decorating style.

In fact, whenever I'm in London I think about my English ancestry and understand why I like it there so much - there is part of me who definitely feels a link despite how very American I am.

Isn't Luke on such a great path for his age? I'm always so impressed when I see people in their early twenties, fresh from design school, with product lines already. It seems like today there is nothing stopping anyone with ambition as the start up costs of getting things made and the whole "free" internet makes it so much easier than in times' past. I think he has a lot of potential and can't wait to see what else he does down the road.

Do you find this eclectic mix of objects coupled with lots of dark hues to your liking? 

(photos: , Luke Edward Hall and )

Sara Svenningrud Photography

Good morning friends. Hope you are doing well and for those of you getting hit by snowstorms, keep warm and read blogs! So let's get started with some inspiration for you today. I really like the interiors shot by Swedish photographer . After living in LA and London, she's now back in Sweden working with clients for magazine and catalog work along with ad campaigns. She's also produced fashion shows! Her photos are always quite obvious to me when I see them in Scandinavian and even German interiors mags - I think it's because she's photographed a lot of homes like (whom has also worked with her as an interiors stylist) and I'm quite a fan of Maire's work combined with Sara's magical eye.

Marie's signature style includes loads of soft and creamy hues, yummy texture, fresh greenery and a flea market meets global industrial vibe and Sara's photos are all about achieving perfect composition, drawing you in and allowing for a lot of natural creamy light to illuminate everything very evenly. Here is a glimpse from her portfolio below. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I have to comment on this image above because where I live, it's very easy to find old school charts with these beige linen-like backs. You can even source them on eBay. I've flipped over one of mine before and used it over my desk as a mood board, but I also love using it as a backdrop for showing some of your favorite artwork with simple black tape too. It's so imaginative and a nice change from showing art on walls with tape.

The chandelier is so very delicate and pretty and I love the lightbulb-esque table lamp and the contrast between the gold table and the modern elements around it. Also, every home needs a big round frameless mirror, right?

Love this loo! What a sweet little bathroom and that graphic, bold floor set amidst all of that blackness, it's just the best. The wire basket filled with toilet paper is a good one, I've been seeing this for years but like it best in a black/white bathroom like this one. It works.

Gosh that leather sofa on the right is so interesting, almost seems to transform into a bed, am I right? Who makes that thing, is it a classic piece or? I'm stumped for the first time, I usually identify every piece in a room but this sofa - nope!


How stunning, right? Hope you are doing well today.

(images: Sara Svenningrud/styling + home: Marie Olsson Nylander)

Happy Family Decorating From Photographer Hans Mossel

I found lots of fun family homes recently in the photography portfolio of  and couldn't resist sharing some because they represent how lots of us really want to live - a bit cluttered, personal, a little messy, creative and unapologetic. Polished-perfect spaces in all of their gorgeous unattainableness just isn't cutting it for most of us anymore. At the end of the day you, especially if you have children, you simply want a home that feels like YOU and allows your family to feel supported, cozy and genuinely at home without having to fight with them over keeping it super tidy or free from fingerprints.

And sure, it can be beautifully decorated, no shame in that, but I find casual creative homes have so much more life - so much more appeal - than slick glossy pads with expensive furnishings that lack personality. Maybe that's a life phase that we go through when we're single and young, when impressing others is at the top of our list. But as you enter your thirties and beyond, you just want to be comfortable at home. I've always said this, on my blog and in my books but now with an 8-month-old who has been crawling for two months and is trying to walk, well, you can imagine that my decorating style is evolving still and I love it. These fun and quirky spaces, I hope, will inspire you just as they did me. These rooms are happy and family-friendly. Enjoy!

I love the photography of , who is located Groningen, Netherlands and shoots for some of the country's best publications, like magazine VTWonen where I've spotted his work before since I've been a subscriber for over 5 years. What I've shown you is a mere snippet of his work - for more inspiration visit his vast and beautiful portfolio online . You can also follow him on and   too.

What lovely homes with so many details to absorb and try in your own home. Did you spot anything that you liked? I loved the colors - mint, pinky peach, bold orange, blue - so fun!

(images:hans mossel)

Norwegian Home Products By FunkyDoris

It's always fun sharing products from small labels, like which was founded in 2012 by two Norwegian textile designers, Grethe Bjørk and Tove Trydal. Inspired by what they call the best decades of Scandinavian design (1950s-1970s), their core products are pillows, poufs and pendant lamps along with kitchen products such as tea towels, potholders, aprons and birch veneer trays. They've recently added a new range of handmade bowls, candle holders and pendant lights. These are great for adding shots of color in your home and of course, in the typical Scandinavian way of adding color against a neutral background - always a winner!


I rather like the idea of hopping on my scooter and taking off for a picnic in the countryside right about now, don't you?

(images: FunkyDoris)

Photographer Joanna Henderson

I heard only recently that photographer  has her own website, so I had to peek around. I remember writing about her work first in 2007 and since, think she has developed a really nice body of work - mainly interiors and lifestyle based. I'd like to share with you two "stories" that I particularly enjoyed with my cup of tea this morning. The first was shot by Joanna with stylist  and focuses on paint and paper. Although this was shot last Autumn, the look is so timeless that it applies beautifully today. I love these warm, matte neutrals right now, don't you? They really bring in a spirit of calm and comfort. And of course, the styling work and art direction of Sania is consistently impeccable these days.

The next story features the photography again of only this time, showcasing the styling work of  This time the focus is on moulds, of all things. It took me by surprise that you could produce such a lovely visual story around such a mundane object. This color palette is truly beautiful. I particularly like the white ceramic moulds but also fancy the vintage tin ones and the stunning cooper mould shown below.



To see more of Joanna's photographer and view the work of other stylists with whom she has worked, visit her website .

What a nice way to begin the week! Now I'm off to teach two - one is all about writing a great bio and the other is about how to turn blogging into something that you love again.

See you later today with a big book giveaway!

(images: joanna henderson)

Made In You

Friday is typically a nice day, isn't it? There's a certain magic in the air midday. When I worked in corporate, I'd hang out with my colleagues chatting about weekend plans and discussing our week and silly upper management. We'd disappear for coffee, for that final jolt of caffeine to push us through until 5pm when we'd be free at last like birds.

Now as a freelancer, there is no such thing as the end of a work week. My work is continuous now, always on my mind and I work weekends even when I don't want to. And yet, Fridays are still magical unicorn kind of days, there is still that Friday feeling buzz. I'd like to wish you a magical Friday and a beautiful evening filled with hope, then promise tomorrow, and the finding of good things on Sunday for you and your family (and little ones, if you have them). For now, I'm leaving you with gorgeous inspiration from a site I recently discovered from one of the founders, Nessa, called , based in France. Look at their gorgeous event styling... Makes me want to float away.

Have a nice weekend! Oh, and a big thanks to for featuring in their June 2014 issue - I just discovered it yesterday and was so pleased.

Oh! And we've added a co-teacher to , Fiona Humberstone, and she'll be teaching many great topics including full-on blog branding such as the absolute essentials of color psychology, making design decisions that reflect your style and using color psychology to influence your editorial decisions so that you communicate with authenticity and consistency. This class is for ALL LEVELS. Read more and before our lovely online class sells out. Also please note that all classes next year will be very different and pricing will change, and none of the current classes from Blogging Your Way will be offered anymore. We are completely changing everything! So if you have been wanting to take a Blogging Your Way e-course, this is a great time to jump on board. is the last one we'll be teaching this year and will not be taught again.

Bye everyone, see you on Monday!

(images via Made In You)

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