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DIY: Romantic + Classy Flower Arrangement In White

Hello dear cattledogs readers, it’s here again, with a fresh flower column! Traveling is a big passion of mine and two weeks ago I was lucky enough to make a trip to the Baltic Sea. Often I get asked where inspiration finds me. It’s exactly trips like this these that make me go home fully energized, with a vision that needs to be shared. Anastasia Benko for cattledogs

At the Baltic Sea, I was expecting a windy, stormy and dramatic coast. My other expectation included sunny but crisp cold days, beginning with a white frost. Let me tell you, none of it happened! It was all an illusion because when we arrived the sun disappeared and a hazy curtain covered the scenery.At first, it was disappointing since I like to wander around all day, discovering details so I can bring back an enormous selection of photographs. None of this became reality as most photos turned out to be quite boring, without any contrast. I took a few snaps, but then I decided to put the camera aside and to just enjoy my weekend off. However, I did notice one thing that took me by surprise: the natural light is different in northern Germany versus where I'm from... Despite the hazy weather, my surroundings were illuminated with a certain brightness, regardless of whether I was indoors or out. Having experienced this kind of light, I had to bring home this feeling and wanted to create a translucent, crystal-clear and pure flower arrangement for all of you today.

I decided to use delicate white ranunculus and white parrot tulips since they are in season here and since, if you are a little like me, you can’t wait for spring to arrive and to me ranunculus and tulips are the most gorgeous signs of spring! Having waited for a long time, I'm ready for the bright, sunny months to arrive!

Anastasia Benko for cattledogs

The first thing I did before beginning the arrangement is that I created a gorgeous origami trend-inspired paper tile wall as a proper backdrop. I then used a large black metal vessel and floral foam to stabilize the abundance of flowers and begin to clip and sculpt my flowers in place.

Anastasia Benko for cattledogs

I first put in some large ranunculus into the floral foam, the stems looking in all directions to balance the big floral arrangement.

Anastasia Benko for cattledogs

Anastasia Benko for cattledogs

Little by little, I added smaller stems and also, the parrot tulips.

Anastasia Benko for cattledogs

In the end, I added some twigs to the bottom, but only on the left side to give it an interesting and modern look, though it's still quite romantic. I stepped back and saw that I had created an exhilarating floral arrangement that reminded me of the trip to the Baltic Sea and the exceptional light there! Wild, white and natural.

Anastasia Benko for cattledogs

My wish is that this arrangement brightened up your day and I'm looking forward to bring you more happiness in the next flower column, when I'll be back here on April 18th. See you again soon! -

(Text, Photography, Styling: . Editor: Holly Becker)

DIY: Wreaths With Eucalyptus and Ruscus-Leafed Bamboo

Hello dear cattledogs readers! My name is and I am a stylist, artist and vintage shop owner based in Germany. Holly’s blog has always been a constant source of inspiration to me and I am honored to be part of the amazing team of cattledogs now! In my monthly flower column for cattledogs I will create seasonally appropriate floral arrangements that will hopefully inspire you to bring the outdoors into your home too! DIY wreaths

Before I share my first arrangement with you, I’d like to tell you a little more about my philosophy. For my arrangements I love to use what my surroundings offer. For me, a house doesn't feel like a home without flowers and plants! This is also the reason why you always find natural elements in my home, I never come home empty handed from my walks in the nearby forest. I love to challenge myself and try to stick to the changing seasons to reflect the nature of the season. Of course there are occasions where only a lush flower arrangement makes sense but I also think that branches can make a huge impression and almost look like beautifully arranged sculptures.

DIY wreaths

After several years of working with flowers and plants I realized that no matter what time of the year, I am always drawn to wreaths. Wreaths have the most perfect form for me, a circle that is connecting one end with another - it’s beautiful but yet complex. This time I wanted to make 2 super-sized wings out of eucalyptus that can be arranged in two different ways: an open half wreath and a more wreath-like, round installation. These are my mood boards I created for the stylings:

DIY wreaths

Next, my two wreaths...

DIY wreaths

DIY wreaths

We are in the middle of a gloomy winter here in Germany and instead of going for an arrangement with a lot of flowers that will fade in a week’s time, I decided to go with a huge wreath that can stay up on the wall for a few weeks. As I can’t change the weather, at least I wanted to change the mood in my studio and I knew, I wanted to go for a fresh look with lots of juicy greens as they add an airy / lively look to every home.

Once you notice it’s not too difficult to make these stunners, you will enjoy them for weeks as you can hang them just like that to freshen up your interiors, use it for a winter wedding backdrop or decorate for a winterly inspired birthday party!

Now, I will show you two different ways to style the wreath and I promise the DIY steps won’t be too difficult! So you can go ahead and try to make this wreath for your home too! The foliage used here looks amazing once it has dried so I went for a lot of eucalyptus and ruscus-leafed bamboo.

DIY wreaths

Because I didn’t use a lot of ingredients, I decided to work with scale to create a grand effect!

  1. To give the wreath wings a proper form, I attached the branches little by little to huge semi-circle branches.
  2. In the beginning I made sure to stay close to the circle form of the solid branch that made the basis.
  3. I used thin floral wire to attach the branches to one another.
  4. I cut the wire in small pieces because I didn’t want to get too tangled up.
  5. Once you have made the circle form of the wreath wing, you are allowed to get a little messy here: you can attach the branches pointing in every possible direction!
  6. Add some flowers or anything you fancy, for instance in the first wreath I've added some seasonal flowers like Dusty Miller, White Cyclamen and Chamelaucium (wax flower).
  7. When finished, I fixed them to the wall with transparent fishing wire.
  8. Note: If you are planning on having these wreaths up for a few days or weeks, you can also attach paper flowers to the wreath.

Kicking perfection to the curb is key here, as this disarrangement will add lots of interesting structure to your wreath! Seriously, don't work too tidy and you will get a breathtakingly beautiful result!

I hope you liked my wintery arrangement and are inspired to make one yourself! I will see you in a month and please don't hesitate to drop a comment on your future flower arrangement wishes.To celebrate the beauty of wreaths I even started a challenge called #wreathofthemonth on Instagram. Please share your wreathstacular pieces in the comments section below with a link OR on IG adding #wreathofthemonth #decoratewithflowers.

If you have any questions about these wreaths, please comment so I can answer them. See you on March 21 (Holly's Birthday!) with another flower idea for you! - 

(Photography, Styling, Text: Anastasia Benko)

BIG Art From Minted

Have you heard the great news that Minted has gone BIG time? (they even ship outside of the U.S.) now offers very large sizes of their art and I had to learn more. Like most of you, curiosity killed the cat and I ended up "learning" so much that I landed smack dab in the middle of the photography of Qing Ji which then ended up in my shopping cart. I just knew I had to own  because it's different but also so cheery and bright. Minted stocks photographic prints but also illustration, prints of collage and paintings -- all framed if needed -- up to size 44″ x 60″. Will you just look at this beauty in my home... mintedlargeart

Art is a never-ending spiral for me, I love it and like filling my home with pattern and color through creative work. I'm not big on a patterned sofa or patterns on drapes, I am more interested in seeing it on walls, floors and through small accessories like pillows and throws. I like something with wow appeal on the floor, then a gentle rest on the eyes for the middle of the room (where throws and pillows are) and then towards the mid to top of the room I like color and/or pattern.

When I decorate a room, I always take a photo of the space from the main entry point and then I divide the photo into 3 parts, lower, mid section, top. From there, I split into 3 more sections - left, middle and right side. This way, the room has 6 parts or squares. In all 6 of those parts, I make sure there is a good flow between all from pattern and color to the recurrence of a repeating color or pattern I'm going with if that's what I want. I know it's a bizarre and very unconventional way to see a space but it's always how I've seen rooms since I was a child and though I abandoned this way of decorating for a few years, I've decided to go back to it and see how I can use it as I work through my upcoming decorating and styling projects. I feel like I need to make some changes and continue improving instead of going with what is comfortable or text book.

Do you have any unconventional ways to approach a space? Oh, and do you have any large art in your home and if so, what and where is it placed? I think the above print may end up in my bedroom or hallway next week...

(image: Holly Becker for cattledogs)